Can the Titan Chest get bumped to a higher reward tier already?

We whine and whine and whine… Yet to no avail :scream_cat:

Come on guys, this chest takes 5 days of successful titan kills to fill. Yet the rewards are the same as for the daily chests. It’s really lame.

How about make it so that each Titan Chest will contain 1-3 of:

  • a troop token
  • a golden token
  • a rare ascension item
  • 100 gems
  • 3 of Miracle Scrolls, or Time Stops, or Tornadoes, or Dragon Attacks

Just make it worthwhile and EXCITING to open :confused:


The Titans rewards suck. Mystic visions give better rewards!

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If one of those chests contained the items mentioned above, I would not complain even if we had to kill 10 titans for one chest.


It’s something that they really need to take into consideration, at least one item of 3* or higher guaranteed.


Aye, I proposed other things as an option to preserve the RNG nature of the game and not accelerate ascension in a way this certain, but to feel rewarding all the same.

That is provided the items will have proper % roll weights. Not setting battle items to 80%, troop token to 10%, and letting the other options fight for the remaining scraps :stuck_out_tongue:

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