Can’t use Cleric emblems for Krasheks Costume talent tree

Is there a reason we can’t use the Cleric Emblems instead of wizard emblems? I never would have levels up the Krashek costume if that’s the case since I have limited wizard emblems

That’s just how it works.


@PikeKing is correct. You can only emblem the original hero and the costume emblem levels will grow as well. The negative is not being able to use emblems of a second class (when you have them), but the positive is not having to use up emblems from two classes when you want the original and the costume both emblemed.

Any chance of putting in a warning or breakdown, so that people don’t waste their time leveling up heroes that they don’t have emblems for?

Or having the option to use either one of the emblems for each costume to rank up the talent tree? Probably been brought up before, but seems like a simple solution to me

seems like both may have been brought up before. but my guess is no to both questions. you still have to level the original hero to be able to level the costume so regardless you have to spend the resources leveling the original. but even if you don’t have the emblems to take a hero further with emblems you still get the costume bonus for leveling up the costume so that is a big help regardless of having emblems or not for it.

That is a whole different thing: [Master] Costumed heroes should be able to use emblems from their new class

Sorry but you can only emblem the original hero, like @PikeKing said. OMG I wish I had something to blow my sorcerer emblems on for example.

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