Can’t upgrade the base

I have base 13 level, and 3 warehouses 13 level. I can keep 736K of steel.

When I try to upgrade base to level 14 system tell me “you can’t do it because there are not enough steel”.

Ok! then I press “buy with diamonds” button, but system tell me “you can’t do it because there are not enough place to keep steel”.

Ok! Then I try to build new warehouse - but it’s blocked in buildings list.

Ok! Then I try to upgrade the warehouse to level 14 and system tell me “you need base of 14 level”.

What should I do? :slight_smile:

You should have a look at your barracks. I am quite sure that you converted one of your storages, because you were supposed to have four at your level. You have to reconvert it (and then choose another building zu convert it into a barracks, I would recommend a forge).


Thanks! It work:slight_smile:


The Devs should treat this as a bug. So many players have this problem, 4 weeks ago, I was in the same situation and after days without any progress, I wanted to delete the game.

Pretty sure, a lot of players quit, because of this problem!

I agree. They should just make it so you can only use a forge, that is the only building that makes sense to convert.

I don’t agree. I think it is a really good idea to convert one building of your own choice. Which one is the best depends on at which stage of the game you are and how you play. With a stronghold at level 20 you don’t need that many storages, but maybe you want to produce a lot of items for fights within a short period of time, so you need another forge; some players even convert the houses, as this is the only building that makes sense for them.

Someone who brought his stronghold to level 10 should already know how the game works and should be able to deal with the consequences of every action within the game. So I am quite sure that it is only a really small percentage that does not remember which building was converted into a barracks.

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I don’t have a problem with the game not allowing Storages to be used as Barracks until building is no longer an issue (i.e. SH20).

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