Can’t update on iOS

Hey, just wondering if you face same issues. Game tells me new version is available but then only offers me to open it in App Store no update?

I have updated in on Android.

Maybe try clearing cache on the phone or restarting it

Tried everything. Nothing helps.

I got game on Android phone and iPad. Android version works but will not generate me code to sync with iOS, telling only that it is already used.

Problem is when I reinstalled E&P on iOS even if I use same Game Center profile it’s loading only beginners profile no matter what I do.

Anybody experienced something like this?

Got the same issue - android version updated smoothly while iPhone one is still the same…

Previous updates started with Android, then moved to IOS (24/48 hours later). Rest assured, the update will reach all supported platforms.

When I re-installed iOS version it was updated. But I can’t sync it to my Android account.

Sent SG ticket so hope they will answer what to do.

No update in my iOS,… is it the rotate update also depend on country in the App Store?

iOS update often lags the Android one by a couple of days.

I usually have to search for the app and then click on it before it shows that there is an update. It doesn’t automatically appear in the Updates tab most of the time.

I just checked and mine isn’t showing an update yet

Strange, my app was telling me update is available and wouldn’t connect just transferring me to App store but there was no update.

This is way I deleted App and re-installed it and now I cannot sync my account.

I am getting only beginner stage and what’s more frustrating Game Center witch had my previous record only sync this beginning stage of the game.

Already updated iOS to 28 it is now available for me.
Great feature costume lock, now leveling my Li Xiu costume without to switch again and again.

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Unlucky for me my problem is still here. Customer service isn’t replying so fast. Hope to figure it out fast. I hate playing on the phone.

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