Can’t see players teams in chat


Since the update today even when I know players have updated you cannot see their their team in the chat
This will make recruiting even harder also means to give advice in your own alliance you need to go to member list to see


Usually there is a period right after you update where you can see no-one… because they haven’t yet updated.

I can’t see ANYone’s lineup in my alliance, but I can see a few folks’ in GC.

Give it a little time. :wink:


I have the same issue
A little Bird told me the official update will be available for all at 26 Feb after we will see again everyone again.
I’m lucky to be one of the first with you to enjoy this amazing update in advance and I only can recommend everybody to imstall it quickly and buy the new VIP-PASS witch alow to build 2 buildings at the same time and a lot of new things like 5 possible hero teams to save… and so on AMAZING THANK YOU PROGRAMMING TEAM WHAT A GOOD JOB… LOVE IT <3