Can’t see alliance chat when using cellular data instead of WiFi

I’ve noticed that I cannot get any chat messages or system messages or anything chat related when I am using cellular data instead of WiFi. All I get is the revolving “wait” circle, but no matter how long I wait, it never shows up. During these times, all other game functions work fine, including Mystic Vision. I am on in iPhone 6s running iOS 11.2 and always the latest build of E&P. This has stretched back over a month. Thanks!

Are you using an Iphone on T-Mobile? I have the same issue and there seems to be no solution in sight.

I have same issue on my iPhone.

I do have T-Mobile, actually. No other data issues with any other apps or anything else, just E&P.

Everyone with this issue that I’ve come across is an iphone user on T-Mobile. I’ve previously emailed support with no luck. I’m not sure when there will be a fix on this issue.

Our alliance leader uses Megafon in Russia and just reported the same issue. It isn’t just T-mobile, and it needs some kind of response @Petri. Thanks

Update: another report from another Russian Megafon user on my team. Both updated to 1.11.6 last night and use Android phones, and did not have this issue beforehand. I’m assuming there is a link to the iPhone problems I reported above, though I’m running 1.11.5 and haven’t received an update notification. @EmpiresPuzzles. Please fix ASAP. Thanks.

Are they still having this issue? Please let me know. Also, per Petri:

  • 1.11.6 Android
  • 1.11.7 iOS

Are the same Update for those who were confused.

The Megafon users in my alliance are no longer having any issues. However, I just checked and one of my alliance mates and I are still unable to see in game chat while using cellular data (WiFi works fine). We both have T mobile. I can tell you that I don’t think this is T mobile’s daily because literally everything else works fine on the cellular network, including high demand apps like Netflix and YouTube. Please fix, SGG!

Unfortunately network issues are beyond our control. There aren’t any known issues affecting the chat at the moment. It is possible that some providers are blocking certain ports. I would advice you to contact your service provider for further information and assistance.

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I and another player in my alliance are still having the problem of not seeing in game chat when using cellular data. After some investigation, it appears that E&P uses only IPv4, whereas T-Mobile uses IPv6. Since I have an iPhone, I can’t switch between the two without hacking the phone. So as I was saying, it appears the problem is on SG’s end. Is there a way that could be updated?

I worked with T-Mobile Support and they gave me the same reasoning but according to Petri, E&P supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Still don’t know what the issue is.

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Just wanted to note that I am also getting this problem, iOS 11.4.1 iPhone 6S plus on Rogers in Canada. Works perfectly fine whenever on wifi.

hello Haylc:
I have the same problem that does not let me connect to the game chat. and I have t-mobile. Can you tell me what you did to solve that problem?

Thank you.

I have the same issue (I’m on an iPhone with T-Mobile).

Since my alliance talks both on game and Line, I’m not completely locked out when on LTE, but it would be wonderful to be able to connect properly all the time. :slight_smile:

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One of my alliance mates believes it has to do with the iPhone being only IPv6, and the in game chat being IPv4. SG denies this but it’s the only explanation so far that makes any sense. Apparently Android devices handle this much more adroitly. Therefore the only present solution is to buy a new phone… :rage:

I am facing the same issue. Don’t know when they are going to fix it.

They fixed this issue months ago. Wonder if something else is going on for you? I hope it’s temporary. A couple of days ago the issue came back but closing the game completely and reopening it brought it all back.

hi Haylc,
I have the same problem that game let me connect to the chat only over wifi but not on cellular data
and I have t-mobile. Can you tell me what you did to solve that problem?

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