Can’t revenge top 100 player while online

The subject line says it all. The game won’t let me revenge a player in the top 100. I know for a fact that’s a bug because I get revenged in the top 100 while on line.

Update I have pics and video in case you want to see proof. Was this changed in the last update?

It isn’t solved, why does it say solved when I updated the message?

@Pops, just flagged your post for moderator attention to your query, as I was led to believe as soon as you hit 2700+ trophies you’re open for target practise!

Am following…

I created a post where you can’t revenge top 100 players. Went to update the post and now it says solved. It’s not solved and I don’t know how to remove it and it won’t let me tag anyone either smh

Where is it at and what name??

You CAN raid top 100 EVEN if they are ONLINE

I think the OP means this post.

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@zephyr1 please check this because what the OP says seams to be correct

@Pops, I flagged your original Post for moderator attention as well… Following

I’m not sure how you marked it as a Solution, but I unmarked it. :slight_smile:

Thanks @zephyr1 I did not think it was solved

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Would be good to include these here so devs can see what is happening.

Don’t know how to post the video but @Rigs saw it in the line chat so he can verify.

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My guess is that they were no longer in the Top 100, and the Global Rank shown was slightly outdated.

But there’s certainly no way we’ll figure it out as players, SG Staff would need to check their logs.

Did you already submit a ticket to Support?


U made a video?


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I’ve ran into the same issue. Opened support case, but was told they were probably not in the top 100 when I revenged. Guess video proof isnt good enough anymore.


See @Pops that’s a video

I’m not sure what to call what you made lol

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Haha. I got a revenge vid for ya btw

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Think i have one for u too

Awww revenge buddies

I’ll see if i can get my hit to ya in line

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