Can’t revenge raid on players with different app version

I’ve tried to reply to my old post on this, but this forum is almost impossible to figure out. But this is still an issue, is anything going to be done to resolve this??? TY

There’s a post on the support site explaining the issue:

If you have issues or questions about what’s going on with a game feature or an update, is a great place to start looking for answers.

Also, if you click on the little icon in the upper right corner of your screen, then on the little person icon with your name by it, you’ll be able to find your old posts. Hope this helps!


Adding @armnhc84 to your search will search all your posts:


@armnhc84 This really isn’t an issue and can actually be used to your advantage. When an update come out, do these steps and it will never be an issue :smile:

  1. Revenge raid everyone in your tower that’s on the same version.
  2. Immediately do the update to your account.

Once your updated you’ll be able to revenge those that did the exact same thing (hit you and then immediately updated). Also, those on the old version shouldn’t be able to attack you.

You do run into an issue sometimes where multiple versions/fixes are pushed out within the space of a few days. Doing the above steps will also resolve any revenge issues with that scenario.

Hope this helps!

Sneaky! And a really effective way to encourage people to update. I like it.

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