Can’t get revenge!


Why can’t I get revenge when on the enemies that raid me?! One person raided me 3x. He lost the first 2 came back a 3rd time n won that one. Now it won’t let me get my revenge! I mean the guy raided me to begin with I should be able to get revenge, right? Then why is my revenge button not popping up?


Did you raid him first?
So he in fact revenged you?
Lost his first two attempts and succeded on the last?

A revenge cannot be revenged.


I don’t see them on my feed so I’m not sure if I did or not. Are they able to take revenge multiple times?


If you raid them and win.

They get 3x tries to revenge. And it sounds like he failed twice and succeeded on the last try.

Look at the text. Does it say “Your raid”, “Enemy raid”, “Enemy revenge” or “Your revenge”?


It says Enemy Raid, so I don’t really know.


Ok, then maybe the person is online. You cant raid someone that is online either.

Other than that, I’m out of ideas :slight_smile:


You cannot revenge, if your opponent lost one of his fights against you, even if he was the attacker and even if you lost the last fight. Yeah … doesn’t make any sense, but that’s how raiding works at the moment.


You can’t Raid a Revenge.

You can’t Raid someone currently online.

Go after someone else and try them again later. :slight_smile:


Never noticed that. Makes sense to me. If you already won 1 or 2 you are already even or ahead. Don’t need to allow a revenge.


I actually checked this. And you are wrong. You can revenge someone who lost 2 attacks on you and won the last. Here is a screenshot from this morning.


Well, I am not wrong, as I experienced it some weeks ago. I am sorry that I cannot prove it with a screenshot. Maybe it’s a bug or maybe the devs changed it with the last update, but it worked as I described it.


I don’t know how it is intended to work, but this is my experience. Maybe @Petri could weight in?