Can’t get out of Spectator Mode

We have a player who has tried multiple times to join the alliance wars and it won’t let him. Please help

His name is Captain V
Team name Khaos Order

Thank you

The hook is not set…

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Check the participate in wars window…

As the above posters noted, he must check the participation box :white_check_mark:
Then he must go through the tutorial, and set a defense team.
And he must be level 12 to take part.

If he has done all this and still cannot take part, then he should submit a ticket to support.


Assuming it’s not the simple solution of checking the “Participate in Wars” checkbox, like @Sorsha and @HyperLite pointed out, here are some other things to check to start with:


Thank you. It would not let him check the box. He was In wars before then one day he wasn’t. He thought I kicked him out of the war and finally just asked me when I would let him back in :slight_smile:


Then I would suggest he contact support…

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Was he off for a while? I heard once that the hook disappears after a longer Absence or no participation in war…maybe that’t the root cause why hook disappered or he hit it accidentially.

Try to check it in the waiting period before matchmaking (after the pervious war base can no longer be viewed)

Ok could you tel me why i cant Do the war … un connected i dont quitter the alliance … same fort chatouille in m’y alliance alliance les rayons de soleil when i try i could Read spectateur … We cant Win the war without …its not fair

@paty It sounds like you might be stuck in Spectator Mode.

Can you see if this thread sounds like your same issue?

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I have the same problem. Participation box is checked, my level is 21. The link for support does not work. Message: denies access.

Any suggestions?

Have you participated in wars before?
I really think you need to contact support - which link are you using?

Yes, I participated in wars before.
I tried to get additional information regarding support by usin the link, mentioned in the thread. Here the text and the link of the thread:

Starting from our v1.9.7 update, we ask all players to use the in-game Support button when submitting a new support request. You can find the Support button by tapping Menu, then Options and selecting Support tab. You will be directed to our Support page, where you can find the link to create a new request (tap theicon with three vertical lines in mobile view). When sending us a new ticket this way, the system will automatically include details of your account and device, which help us to serve you better and solve your request faster.

Further information here:

We ask all players to read the relevant FAQ articles and the threads here before creating a new request. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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