Can’t find my alliance @dolphinqueen17

Due to an inactive leader, a member created a new alliance for the active members. Unfortunately, I thought I knew the name and left prior to writing it down (stupid me) and now I can’t find either one. I would know the name when I see it. I know one of the members goes global when needing help with titans but I don’t know which chat room and the active members can easily beat up to 5* titans without additional help. I have been using the alliance search for 5 days (since the day it was created) and neither the new or the old comes up. Any help to find it would be appreciated.

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That’s a tough situation. There’s no means in-game to look up a particular player and see what alliance they’re in.

If you know some of the alliance member’s names, you might try posting in the #alliance-recruitment area tagging their names (if they’re forum uses and use their in-game name as their forum handle).

Recruitment, either for new members or for titan mercenaries, should be in the Alliance Recruitment channel on the in-game chat.

Best of luck!


Join your old army again to see where they went, if that is possible!


did you take any screen shots of your account summary or anything that would have your alliance name?

When rejoining old alliance you just have to click on someone who left in chat, then you should see their new alliance. At least my longest companion found me that way months ago, when I left my first alliance.


I can’t find the old one either. I never thought to do a screenshot of the name. When I first joined, I just went through what was first pulled up and picked one. I was only interested in the titans. I didn’t realize the alliance search was so basic and exact. This is definitely a lesson learned because I liked the active members.

You can join us for waiting till you remember alliance name, we hit about 7star titans and you don’t have to be in war of course :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you remember anything about the name?

Or the name of any players who use the forum?

I’ve put your name in the title, in case they are looking for you - is that your game name too?

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If you had some people with higher cup range or success in tournaments, you could observe those highscore lists.

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Yes, it’s the same name. The original alliance name was something like AscensionTeam the new one is like Ascenscream1. I jeri and dragos were co-leaders, Kisht started the new alliance, reim, teesingnella (I think it’s spelled differently) in the game but I don’t know if they use the forum or what the names maybe if they do.


Just to clarify, I was not a co-leader, it was Jeri and Dragos. It was a typo😔

@Kisht are you the right Kisht that lost a Dolphin Queen?

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I appreciate the offer, what’s the alliance name? I’m not sure if I’ll join, but I will consider it😊

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Hey @Dragos @DragosSDM @Dragos1 @Parazituu @Rebeca45 @timy - are you the right Dragos to help @dolphinqueen17?


Fine minds, good sir. Fine minds


Unfortunately when you rejoin the previous chat will not appear to the player… So if someone has left before it is not possible to find out. :slight_smile:


Do fine mines find mines?:thinking:

But maybe someone is still there who could know something.

I think you can scroll back…

I normally do to see if people have been talking about me…


Yup that is definitely a possibility :slight_smile:

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