Can’t find ascension materials (advice for a new player)

Costume Dawa is the strongest unconditional yellow 3* damage dealer. Bigger damage is done only conditionally by Poppy if she manages to get 3 ricochets (about 6% chance) and Sally if hitting at least 3 enemies. Anyway, cDawa has larger att stat than these two, so deals also bigger tile damage.

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for the duration you have been playing 7x5* is quite impressive.
mats arent selected, they are random as painful as that is, so until you get to have them all, focus on maxing you 3* and 4* heroes
a maxed 3* is stronger than a partial 4*
a maxed 4* is stronger than a partial 5*

they could be your support system until you get to have the mats you need.

only 4 of you are hitting the titan? 4 out of how many?

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Yeah you now have 4 A+ 5* so that’s not bad at all but there comes a time when you have to move on a better and bigger alliance to get more shots at the mats to ascend. Only 4 hitting titans is getting you nowhere. Titans, Wars & Tournaments are the best sources of loot (imho) and alliances are directly involved in 2 of them.

So if you want to get access to more opportunities you have to think about yourself. And by all means take the other 3 involved players with you too. Lots of alliances would welcome 4 active players. Pop a post in the recruitment section and you will get flooded with requests.

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Given the maturity of the game, the intentional scarcity of 4* ascension mats, the recurring nerphs and the decreasing player base I would cut my losses and move on to something else.

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Some people still enjoy it though. I get you have quit and that’s cool.

My advice is spend your time on whatever you like and spend your money on whatever you choose.

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I provided specific advice to a new player based on their individual situation (their frustration, declining membership, declining number of new players, drop rate of ascension mats, their roster and game mechanics).

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Hi Everyone,

I picked up a few mats that will allow me to ascend 2 or 3 5s. So I could use some recommendations. I’ll show where I am with regard to my heroes, primarily the 3s & 4*s. I can ascend Alasie to 3 chevrons, Thorne to 4 chevrons, Hanitra to 4 chevrons, Chao to 4. The plan is Alasie and Chao. I know the 5^s don’t need to be fully ascended but I’m d down 300 trophies and I want to increase the power of my Defense team and attack team. I’ve gained a few new heroes. The overall plan is to work on my heroes, work on my base and join another alliance.

Chao I don’t see as a long term use 4*, the healers and elemental defense down ,dispel, and Mana controllers 4* I still use at level 91.

Alasie is a beast, Thorne is more of a filler, but you can manage with 4* over him most likely and save those precious mats.

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My suggestion would be Alasie and Hanitra. Chao only if you are very short in yellow, there are many better yellow 4* you will sooner or later get.

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@Rhonus how is the alliance situation, better? I think before you were dealing with tiny Titans and inactives.

I know a couple mixed level alliances on Titans like 8-11*, one is war focused, the one I am currently in is… not focused lol. Either way it helps to get some veteran players in the mix to be able to regularly ask questions and get advice, as long as you can get over 1% damage on the Titan you can be improving your loot and have people to ask questions to regularly. There are also many training alliances in families built on this concept of developing new players to add to their higher tiers as they grow.

I don’t think Defence should be a particular concern. You should focus on building good offence heroes in order to help you complete Quests and Challenge Events in order to get ascension materials, emblems, and aethers. Because at your level (~1600 cups?), the Heroes/raid chest is not particularly rewarding. In fact, at Diamond, I scarcely get any 4* ascension materials…

It would be better to have a not-too-strong defence in order to have weaker players attack you, and you can successfully revenge yourself and fill up your Heroes chest. This also allows you to not waste valuable food on re-rolling for easier opponents.

Focusing on a wide variety of 3* heroes (and later 4* heroes) will give you more options in selecting 4-1, 3-2 or 3-1-1 teams using colour-stacking. This gives you some leverage against the tank when raiding: e.g., your opponent may have Boril as Tank, so having 3 Green heroes help you kill Boril more easily (Green is strong against Boril’s Blue), then you can use the empty space for ghosting tiles to charge up your heroes more easily to deal with the flanks and wings. So, invest in roster space to accommodate your growing horde of 3* and 4* heroes.

Also, with Kalevala and Clash of Knight’s requirement to advance through the difficulty levels through restriction of hero rarity (you need 3* heroes to start playing Rare before you can use 4* heroes in Epic, then 5* heroes in Legendary), keeping and levelling 3* and 4* heroes is necessary. Some old-time players are only beginning to rage because they had long discarded/fed away all their ‘useless’ 3* and 4* heroes, keeping only their 5* heroes. Now, they cannot even start playing Kalevala to earn the rewards (some ascension materials, aethers, ETTs, EHTs, etc.).

All the best for your gaming!