Can’t find ascension materials (advice for a new player)

Hi Rhonus :slight_smile: What great 5-stars you have already, congratulations!

I started playing 1 and a half year ago. My own experience is, that my base wouldn´t have been able to feed those 5-stars yet, when I was where you are in game right now. They cost a fortune to level up, and as you have discovered, ascension materials for them are hard to come by until later in game.

What I did was focus on three stars, first and foremost. I raised enough heroes so that I had six teams for War with my Alliance (Which I absolutely recommend changing, if the one you are in is so inactive) Having a variety of heroes to choose from also helps a lot when putting together your defense in tournaments, and it helps you overcome challenge events too.

For now, I´d level up (I just focused on the 3-stars for now, they will keep you busy for a while)

:purple_square: Dark: Tyrum + Costume, Balthazar, Renfeld + Costume (I would not spend more on An-Windr, he is so underwhelming)

:yellow_square: Holy: Bane, Poppy

:blue_square: Ice: Helo, Gato, Gunnar

:green_square: Nature: Muggy, Berden, Mnesseus, Belith, Carver

:red_square: Fire: Nashgar + Costume, Rudolph, Hawkmoon

I always choose fast heroes first, slow heroes later, as these rarely charge before it´s game over, unless it´s Rush War/Tournament. Treevil is superb though, I heard, so he could be a great asset as well early on, and you´re already working on him.

I would start with the above and then see, if you have summoned anything new, once you are done.
If not, then I would move forward to level some of the slow heroes left in your 3-star collection,

If you are eager to level 4-stars though, then the first I would recommend to max right away is Hansel. His mana control is a game changer (Renfeld´s costume is too, in challenge events, for example)
Hansel helped me reach stages and challenges in game, I would never have been able to, without him. I felt very fortunate to summon him early in game.:bow_and_arrow: And he is still on my green mono team to this day.

That´s about it for now - I hope this helps. You have a great selection and I understand why you might be eager to level those amazing strong 5-star heroes! All in good time. Have fun :four_leaf_clover:


I would reccomend maxing Treevil, Poppy, Ferant, Rigard, Kiril, Caedmon and Boldtusk before you do anything else. :thinking: maybe Belith, Tyrum, Mnesseus and Gormek with his costume too. They should all be quick and reasonably easy to complete and will be crazy useful generally. Take some 5* heroes to 3:70 but don’t worry about maxing them just yet. Plenty of time for that. Think of this like a marathon rather than a sprint

Happy hunting :sunglasses:


Hi G,

Thank you for the encouragement and the advice. I’ve started Poppy and will finish up Treevil soon. I also plan to follow your list.
I’ve been using all 3 of my training camps to train heroes at the cheapest rate. Two are 10s and run at a slow pace and the 3rd is a 13 and runs faster. It will take longer and I have so many heroes in the 3 queues I can’t upgrade the training camps. Is this a good way to go?

Hi Blem,

Thank you for your assessment. Your advice and G’s are have given me direction. I was starting to flounder and was considering quitting.




That sounds great - I think I started running TC 1 and 2 first, and built the other TCs to 11 to produce the feeders at cheap rate. Then TC20 for a chance at a 5-star.

I can relate - its easy to feel demotivated in this game. It’s important to be ok with being where we ‘are’ in game. Most new content is made for the veteran players, so new players can feel a bit left out of the ‘current state of the game’.

It’s best to mind our own little base and just built and play what we find fun. One day you too can reach for the stars. It’s a game of patience and luck, and it’s to feel lost and alone. I think many new players probably are not writing a lot here either. But you are not alone :hugs:

It helps a lot to be in an alliance that’s supportive and good to spare with. I’m currently in one with a trophy requirement of 1200, but we are battling 10-star Titans, so I worry you’ll feel overwhelmed there. Perhaps browsing a bit over in the Alliance recruitment section could help? It would be nice that you get to experience fighting Titans that you can take on - and get something nice from too.

I seem to recall an Alliance called Guardians Academy with different things to offer depending on your level. There’s probably also various Discord and Line and Reddit hang outs around. I’m a Discord fan myself and do not use anything else but that and this forum, but it can help you feel the community in the game during those times, where you feel demotivated.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks for the info and encouragement. I’m at level 31 and my highest number of trophies is 1609 but I’m getting killed in raids, my trophies are down to 1351. I have 13 final strikes on titans and participated in 69 titan defeats but they were all 1* and 2*. We finally got a 3* titan but the 4 of us didn’t bring it down. I’m assuming the more active the alliance the more powerful the titans. Is this good enough to compete in a more active alliance?
This was my first post. I was trying to learn the lingo first. Well everyone that responded gave me good feedback. I’ll let you know how things are progressing occasionally. Thank you for your help.


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I remember well how it was back then - I think you’ll start to see great process in raids etc once you’ve build a few maxed out three stars. Then you’ll be able to colour stack against the tank too and things like that :slightly_smiling_face:

I think, as long as one brings a friendly spirit, that one can contribute to any alliance no matter their level. :star2:

I wish there were more alliances around for the newer player. The issue with joining an alliance where the titans are too powerful and the opponents in war too overwhelming is that it can make it feel so uphill to play.

I hope you’ll find a good one with more active players and with titans you can take on. I found this link for you, perhaps it might be a good fit (I do not know it myself though)

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I share my strategy, it may give inspiration:

Focus on other heroes
Only buy gems and other offers if you get material for 5*

Have been playing since 2018. There is a constant lack of ascension material for me. Although I take all opposite to get all including shortish the time for Chest e.g. Raid by paying up to 10 gems.

Happy gaming

Levelling up the 5*s would be great for your single war defence team but not so good across your six war attack teams.

War scores are worked out on the (I think 30) strongest heroes and the strongest troops of alliance members but I’m not sure if the very strongest heroes of a player make any greater difference to the score.

If improvements to all 30 heroes have similar impact on scores then I’d think alliances would have an advantage if members at least initially concentrated on levelling their defence team. With a low contribution to war score, matched opponents would not be so strong and yet a strong defence team would still be difficult to kill.

Initially, you only need a small pool of strong heroes for raiding and many players will have done well by beginning with a single raiding team.

I’d agree that there’s more potential interest and enjoyment in developing a wide roster from which you can pick and choose heroes to suit but there’s also a clinical argument for focus on select heroic heroes.

A wide roster is of most use with titan attacks and for tounnaments where your 5*s may be excluded. For titans it’s great to develop 5 predominantly mono teams (though with a potentially universal, initial addition of attack up heroes like boldtusk and wu kong and defence down heroes like Grimm, Tib or Isarnia). But the more colour matching you can do the better.

So for some aspects of the game there may be some mathematical advantages in focussing on powerful heroes. Variety wise it may be more fun to go for a broad range of developments.

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I disagree. Only 8 maxed 3*. Like one of each color and 3 random.
Maxed 4*…it depends.
If not a f2p, then max only event heroes and avoid vanilla and s1 altogether

This is from my experience, it helps a lot in early wars and later in events and tournaments.
Also if you do this you can be very usefull in wars quickly and clean team with 1/2 heroes left.

And I tottaly disagre with not maxing S1 4*, you can’t replace Rigard or Sabina, they are great even without costumes. Maxing only event 4* isn’t perfect even for P2P.


Well, I have c Rigard and c Sabina. But, not sure if I would have max them without costumes.
Also have c Melendor who will never get leveled.
So, don’t max s1 without costumes and some even with costumes unless you are a f2p. There are tons of better options.

Been playing for just over 4yrs now and started out maxing 3 and 4 stars leaving all my 5 stars idol for about a year whilst i gathered (built up) my 5* heroes and mats for them, by then you should have what you need to not only be somewhat competitive in wars with your 3 and 4 stars and defeat titans as well as having found a decent alliance.

Once you have what you need to max a rainbow team of 5* s then start choosing your best heroes and go for it, by then you might have gotten better ones in your roster,

By then you will have built you tc, food and iron buildings high enough to keep up with feeding them as 5* s require about 1500 feeders (give or take a few depending on using colour feed and 1& 2 star feeders) to max out.

Store feeders in your level 11 tc training camp and just keep loading it, you only need to really load 1 but 2 is better, they can store 1000s of feeders so then all you need to worry about is food.
Also load up tc20 for food which also helps when your ready to fast feed 5* heroes as you can just pull out 1 which will give you the food to keep feeding faster.

The trick in this game is as mentioned PATIENT’S and Planing ahead (months ahead).

Do let yourself get caught up in an unnecessary spend rut or think think your unworthy because your not beating the mature players.

Always remember! Rewards are slow coming so the faster you try to go the more frustrated you will become with both your own results and the game.

Take your time and have fun doing it win or lose. A good alliance is about teamwork not who is better than the other or hits harder, always support your alliance by hitting the daily and if you participate in wars make sure you use all your hits otherwise opt out even when you see you can’t use 3 hits, opt out and you will always get along with your chosen alliance. Also wars is not about each players score but working as a team, if your roster is small then you become an important part of wars as every alliance needs a clean up crew which finishes off opponents they don’t kill thus allowing bigger players to keep their flags for stronger opponents, there is nothing worse and more annoying in wars than a smaller player who tries to take on teams far to powerful for them and waste flags. Keep that in mind. Clean-up crews are as important s big hitters and if not more important when working as a team.
The rest is all personal preference as to weather you do them or them.

Our alliance uses the LINE app to discuss strategies and share rosters if your interested look up OZY OZY OZY, you will always be well guided there with plenty of experienced players on hand everyday including f2p players that have been with me for over 1000 plus days which adds up to 3 and 4 years, since I started the alliance 4yrs ago.

Anyways @Rhonus, Remember PATIENT’S and have FUN.


Thanks for mentioning our family of alliances here :grinning::+1:

To the original poster: don’t give up too early in this game! As stated above it’s a marathon, so take your time to build up a fairly strong roster of 3* and 4* heroes before starting with 5*s (though I can understand it’s tempting to go for those once you pulled them). The advised heroes to level are a very good start.

Should you want to change to a more active and supportive alliance then knock on the door of either Guardians Academy (the starters alliance of the Guardians family) or Guardians Rising (next step in the Guardians family). Just refer to me when knocking.

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Hi Ozy1.

Thank you for your input. I have ascended 5 of the 3* heroes Gato, Poppy, Treevil, Nashgar and Balthazar to the 3rd level. Should I fully ascend them to 50:3 or work on other 3s? I also ascended Thorne to the 3rd level and Mother North to the 4 level. I’ll ascend them to 80:4 later. I got one 3 Kingdom hero and I’ll do what I can before the 3 Kingdoms war. Is this a good plan?

Thank you,

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Hi Thoran,

Thank you very much for the invitation to your alliance. I’m going to work on my 3s and 4s for now. Please read my plan and questions in my reply to Ozy1. After reading the advice and encouragement I’ve received my mindset about this game has improved significantly.


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Sorry Rhonus, I somehow missed your reply.

Ascending heroes to their last tier makes no sense if you then don’t finish them. So, yes, finish Gato, Poppy, etc. before, Caedmon starting on new ones.

Mother North is definitely worth finishing, but you might want to delay that perhaps. Other greens in your roster might help you more in a short/mid term: Berden (good 3* sniper), Buddy (defense/attack down on three enemies), Caedmon (good 4* debuffer).

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Hi Rhonus, I just stumbled across your post a month after you’d written it but I just wanted to say you’re not alone, there are other new players out there, like me.
Did you find a good alliance to help you grow?

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I’ve been working on my 3* heroes and the best titan team. I got a few more heroes…check it out and the tell me what you think. I have the mats to ascend one Fire hero. Which one would you choose?


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Very nice roster.
Looks like you make progress fast.

I see Ferrant still isnt maxed! Max a.s.a.p. !
I dont know if you dont encounter him but he is a beast as tank even compared to 5* heros.

You started leveling way to many heros of the same color.
For leveling do only level heros with heros of the same colors.
Level 2 heros of the same color at a time.
Feed 3* heros with 1* heros and others with 2* heros.
Stick with the heros you level at least until you have maxed them and their special skill.
Somtime you can make an exception if an overpowered hero ( Ferrant, Treevil for example ) comes your way.

Heros to level:

Ferrant! , Hawkmoon, Baldur, Boldtusk Garnet,
Belith, Buddy, Mother N. , Caedmon, Hänsel,
Gunnar, Kiril, Chicken Jr. , Grimm, Sonja, Alasie,
Griffin, Chao,
Tyrum+costume, Stonecleave because he is almost finished ( sigh ), Aqueela, Rigard, Renfeld+costume (bring him to 3/1 and then max the costume), Ingolf,

I dont know if you spend money.
If you do get vip, pov, and if you want to spend more hold out for the real super deals that are mostly cheap deals that give 200+ of value.

Wish you best of luck and hope your ascention mats are plentifull! :slight_smile:


Hi there Rhonus, great to hear you´re enjoying yourself :partying_face: You want to know which Fire Hero to ascend- meaning, a4* yes, or? :blush:

My choice would be Ferant - he is wildly good. Though I would give more love to your 3*s first, to build a few good teams with those.

I think I would wait with using emblems (and the recources that takes) on heroes, until you are at a point where you have built a good collection of levelled 4* s and 3* s. That might just be me though - we all play the game in different ways :slight_smile: