Can‘t figure out how to organise my defense

Any tips on my roster? I like kashrekk as a tank but am considering to drop him in favor of melendor and put wilbur in the middle. Or maybe Li Xiu in the middle? And what flanks? Dont really want to put Mel or Proteus on the outside.

Thank you

you are struggling too much… if you aint top 100, aint worth the headacke

focus on loot from your raids…

and make sure you leave no loot for attackers…

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Personally, I would leave Wilbur out of defense just because your opponent might take advantage of the spirit link. The way he lowers the opponents defense is brutal, but the spirit link is what keeps him from being too OP, and since the Al isn’t smart enough to have a dispeller ready to remove that, I’d consider switching him out. Or you could try having Melendor flanking him to remove it, but again your opponent will still have the upperhand. Your choice though. Kashhrek is the best 4* tank in the game, so I’d keep him as your tank until you get a 5*, but leave him out of your attacking and titan teams. Though, if you don’t plan on working on him anymore, then I’d maybe put Li Xiu as your tank instead, and trade out Kashhrek for Melendor only then. Honestly though, I wouldn’t worry about your defense setup too much, it’s the least important aspect of the game.

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If you mean a war def team, then think of using both melendor & The Lizard. Keep Lizard as your tank. Agree to be careful with Wilbur.

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