Can’t buy gems in ios

Morning all

Since the latest update, I have been unable to buy gems with the below screen coming up all the time, any reasons please ?

Have you filed a ticket?

(I’m also iOS and my first act when things go funky is to follow the advice from The IT Crowd: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Usually that fixes most things for me. If it’s more technical, or involves money, I file a ticket. Hope this helps.) :slight_smile:

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I have same problem , Android, I try to add a gift card and it give me OR-CCSEH-05 I can use the care everywhere else but doesn’t let me add to the game (I try with too and same error) any suggestions

Android payments go through Google not this game so any payment issues should be taken up with them. Not 100% sure if it’s the same with ISO devices though meaning I don’t know which process apple devices use but it would still be with them and not SG though.

This error message @Glontz is due to transaction being declined which could come from either your cards details not being correct to your bank having an issue but the bottom line is it isn’t getting your details.

This can also happen if you made 2 purchases one after the other on the game to close to each other as the first one isn’t completed yet thus the secind one overlaps it and refuses it. It’s best to wait about 1 full minute between transactions.

But you need to contact Google or bank if your payment keeps failing as there is nothing SG can do.

Also @Glontz you could also check that your cards details and your Google acc details match up as this can also be the cause.

Advice; always use Paypal through Google and any online payment options this removes most issues, plus Google is very difficult to get help from where as Paypal your more inclined to solve the problem quicker and they have payment protection as well.

Thx for advice and I will try to fix it … maybe I will have more chance next time :wink: … Hope not to late for this Atlantis heroes :))

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