Can someone tell me!

Hello!!! do not know who will be from HOTM in the next appeal of Atlantis ???

Something big. Kenjiro, maybe.

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Probably Ares and Alberich


Both of them are awesome.

Super heroes!!!

I think it will be Athena and Natalya

Make your guesses :joy::joy:


Ares and Alby I’m guessing

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I’ll back the Athena/Natalya guess. These heroes were released in the month after Hel and Perseus, respectively.


Maybe Hikaru :smile:

Whatever it is, you will do you pull and get a more expensive dawa unless you shell out crap tons of cash to SG…then you MIGHT get that good hero your looking for…:joy::joy:

I really believe that we will see Athena and Natalya :smile:

Why those two? Logically it would be Nat and Athena, do you have some other info on the matter?

Everything here is just speculation. There is no information regarding which HOTM will be in the Atlantis portal next.

It was a wild guess about Ares and Alby.))) Probably I should try to buy a lottery ticket.)))))

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