Can someone tell me about season 2 item/xp/recruit drop statistics?

can anyone already made statistics, tell me which locations are more profitable in the second season (recruiting, XP, loot, backpacks, swords)? Thanks in advance.

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not very helpful, but in the came if you click on what you are trying to mine for it will tell you the more profitable locations for season 2. I have yet to see a list however.

I actually have had good luck for packs and swords on 1-1 in season 2. Recruits and XP are ok. But you will never get it all…

This might help a bit but doesn’t cover xp or recruits


Thats awesome, thanks…

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Thanks for posting this :slight_smile:

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I noticed that backpacks were plenty in the first level, as many as 4-5 dropping at once. Recruits are up to 8. Now if you play level 1 hard the recruits I’ve seen up to 16. Just better to farm 8-7 for recruits. 10 vs 3 WE.


Yeah, so it really depends what you are after. Alternating is probably the best option. But for sure season 2 is great for Backpacks (I have had up to 6 drop at once).

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That’s for six energy though… province 5 in s1 does 0.9 backpacks per run for 3 energy.

Lots of data still to collect!


@Rook - this need a better title. The subject is likely of interest to a number of people.


Added a bit more description to the title. :slight_smile:

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Only in province 1, and not really compared to the WE required to complete a stage (6 for easy, 10 for hard).

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very true but to be honest the chance of more than 1 has been pretty high for me and its been getting annoying farming the same stuff…Change is good.

Thanks! I think this will generate more eyes and comments.

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Looks pretty complete to me. Suggestions?

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She already did the change :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent. I’ll just retreat to the under-couch and wait. :grin:

what’s the octopus in the middle of the map, the new Titan?

No statistics, just anecdotal insight after completing all three on normal and hard. XP and recruits look poor for the WE needed.

Backpacks were indeed aplenty in the first province, I got as much as 6 for one normal stage, but more data is needed to see if we have a winner here.

So far I haven’t seen any numbers drop in hard that make me consider farming those.

Ooo I don’t know… maybe a beta spoiler

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