Can someone teach me how to use miky or ranvir?

They are just to complicated for me on raids…

But I love the silence part…

Then use them on titans; they are designed for this. Miki on red, blue and yellow titans. Ranvir for green and purple titans. Feed the heroes with mana from the begining to achieve a good score. Beware of rare titans. You cannot use Miki on rare blue or Ranvir on rare yellow; this will result in killing the hero.

Am i missing something? Why is miki for green, blue and yellow and ranvir for red and purple? Other than rare titans with reflect, they are perfectly usable on any colour.

My bad, I wrote it wrong. Miki for red, blue and yellow. Because I wouldn’t use Miki at green titans. Blue to green does half damage. I wouldn’t use at purple either because Ranvir is better due to his double damage to that color.

I’d recommend you look for Wu Kong tactics and apply those to Ranvir. They are the same color, and have similar powers. Wu Kong has been around a lot longer, and you should find a lot more info on how to use him.

Not at all…

Wu just amplifier of attack . Ranvir has the issue if hp more then the attacker

This is the real confusion

Is it percentage or number

And I don’t know why micky doest seem to make a big difference expect in titans

They are tricky to manage if you are under heal over time effects. Bring a direct healer, compare your heroes’ and your targets’ healths bar and you are ok.

You’ll know when to cast specials and when to move tiles around.


I still don’t know why he doesn’t do much difference in raids

Maybe because he is 130 and not 185?

I don’t know

If his special isn’t maxed you could think about bringing other heroes instead of him.

I’d advice against using Ranvir at all until his special is maxed. When it is, you want to use him carefully in raids.

He’s better than Wu in that his special won’t make you miss a target that has lower health than the attacker. When buff is active, it’s the hero that attacks that must have lower (or higher, depending on what you want happen) health than the target - not Ranvir himself, apart from when he’s the one attacking. This makes tiles tricky to control especially in raids.

I still use him a lot for raid offense, and love him, but he can also be a source of much annoyance. Just a minute ago I was in a 3vs2 situation, opponent full health, me tethering on the brink. Buff active, I threw three specials at my fully charged opponent and missed all three - missed the follow up tiles too. Grr.

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