Can someone PLEASE explain the madness!

Can someone please explain to me why I am having to take Grimble as my main minion counter to minion heavy battles when I have Erebus ?? A nearly new, recently buffed (!!!) Styx tower hero ??? We all know ever since the game started the tower heroes are usually THE best in the game. Usually the most powerful on 3rd charge anyway but still, usually very effective on that 1st charge. If this is true then why am I choosing Grimble instead & in some instances not only my preferred choice but on occasion I’ve no other choice seeing as Erebus is so flaccid & impotent !!! Nemesis is the mana counter, yes, mana troubles on charge x1. Erebus is the minion counter but on the 1st charge let’s just remove a single minion from a target !! Shimples !!! I just don’t get it that SG had the opportunity to buff him into the minion counter he was supposed to be but instead made a pigs ear of it !!!

hero too weak people complain, hero too strong people complain. hero well balanced people feel boring


Because Grimble is awesomeness


becase single target minion destroyers aren’t as good.

i consider him a strong sniper just like gefjon. he’ll be good when we see more single hero minion summoner like PnB, QoH and devana being around often.

I feel for ya. Any good anti-minion hero will do what skadi or grimble do. Remove the minions… and give something back either positive to their allies or negative to the defense… and it should be all of the minions… stupid 40% minions in the world now.

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I was not happy when I summoned the lackluseter hero due to I felt that they sold the hero short by staying in traditional hit 1 sniper fashion.

Because Grimble was created when Zynga/SGG’s greed was still under control. Somewhat.

He was released in Dec 2020, pre Tell/Vela nerf. This game was roaring hot then. Heaps of money flowing in. Player population at all time high.

Minion removers were not as crucial then as they are now.

Now that they are, with revenue and player population significantly reduced, it’s time to “balance” their bank accounts, by taking more than they give.

Alucard at VF was a “gift” since it’s freely available via EHT.

Erebus is not a gift.

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I have a solution. I will trade you my Gobbler who kills all minions for your Erebus.


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Erebus is one of the most powerful snipers and his minion abilities are a bonus. If you stop judging him on what you expect a good minion-counter hero is supposed to be, you can save yourself some “madness”.

Also, Erebus is 10x better than Jade was when she was initially released, so there’s that.


This is a surprising statement. I certainly do not agree.

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I understand your feelings and hope they fix Erebus next time. And just not adding more power. Some of the nerf/buff have been very mechanical and without passion. Just a buff to dress up the bride before portal.
Anyone that play the game by himself wouldn’t do some of the mistakes.

They didn’t fix the bug Erebus had from day 1. That is even more embarrassing.

Happy gaming

To me the reason his special is so limited is because portals like W3K and others containing powerful minion makers probably bring good revenue and there’s a solution in mind for the problem they created that will be for sale one in of these days. And Erebus is obviously not in it.