Can someone offer suggestions on who I should level first?

I pretty much play all aspects of the game (story line, raids, battles, Titans, defense) so I would like to at first level the most useful all around group, but I understand that some players are better for different parts of the game then others.

I’m fine with ignoring what I have already started to level, because I would like to focus on who I would more likely use in the long run.

Below is what I have now, any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks!

Boldtusk next Wilbur(awesome red 4* congrats :slight_smile:)
Wu-kong next Li Xiu
Tiburtus next Proteus
Kiril next Sonia
Melendor next Hansel
Someone can said Caedmon for green- dispell and good dmg but you have good dmg dealers so you need more heal+Melendor dispell too


The above list is pretty solid but I’d finish the 5 you Ave started to lvl 3/60 first, rainbow team good skills and flexible enough to complete most aspects of the game, while you build your city. I certainly wouldn’t touch any of your 5* hero’s until you’ve got 2 teams worth of 4* maxed! Wilbur and wu Kong are game changers on offence and titans

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Awesome thanks for the suggestions!

I did have one follow up question, why level bold tusk before Wilbur? If I level Kril and Melendor I will already have 2 healers on the team… Or should I consider using a different blue or green an dlevel bold tusk?

Eventually I will level both but just trying to g to figure out who to start with…

Thanks again!

Given that you have Kiril and Melendor, I’d think about doing Wilbur before BT, and taking him all the way to 4/70. Wilbur is really amazing against titans. Together with Wu Kong, they will give you a huge bump in titan scores.

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I was wondering!

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