Can someone help me update not downloading can't play game

When I try to play the game it says to upgrade so I hit the upgrade at Google Play and well nothing’s happening it says it’s trying to download it’s been like that for almost 4 hours now. I hope this doesn’t mean that I can no longer play the game cuz I’ve spent almost $500 on this game with gems that still has not been spent and of course I still want to play the game and level up my hero.especially with Atlantis summon around the corner. Can someone help me out? There’s no way to avoid the upgrade as as the button shows up and you can’t just hit the x button or anything to lose it so I can’t even get to the game please help please

I’m in the same boat. android OS, cant do anything but hit an update button over and over. hope its fixed soon.

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I know and I just spent another $50 on gems just Several hours ago to to get ready for the Atlantis summon. I hope I wont lose out on it

Is there any way to contact the Developers

I noticed I can’t revenge many invaders that attacked me less then 24 hours ago because it says they aren’t on the same version, even though there hasn’t been any update. I’m sure it’s about the same issue. I’m pretty confident it will get resolved

Any word on this? Some people still cant even play the game let alone raid. Cant participate in wars, help with titans or gather resources. Ive re installed the game and tried to update several times. A response from someone would go a long way…

Clear cached data, and try to keep on app while downloading
If it doesnt work

When i leave google play it stops or fails

Is it safe to uninstall? I don’t want to lose my progress and all the money I spend

As long as you are synced to google play games you are okay

Well I uninstalled and it’s the same thing it’s trying to download and nothing did I lost everything for good now I’m really fighting it can’t someone from the developers come and help us please

Here’s the steps that Small Giant recommends you follow if you’re having trouble updating:

I’d give those a try, and if it doesn’t work still, try putting in a support ticket. Good luck getting it updated! I know being stuck without the update is frustrating.

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