Can someone get a message to Seven Days Hunting

Hey! Can Someone get a message to hunting. My phone is taking a swim with the fishes and I will be offline for a few days. If you let BCC, Riff, Madmarv or Checker know. If they need to kick me for now that is fine and I will contact them when I have line again.

On it! 20 charactera


Legend. I’m so sorry. Getting out a Kayak. The waters of Halong Bay have it now.
Does anyone know how to get my account back if i don’t have my id number?

Try sending a support tickey through the SG website. Are you on Android or IOS?

Edit: If youre on Android, you can log into your
existing Google account on your new device and it’ll start up your account again

Iphone but all depends what I can pick up in Hanoi in tomorrow. Most likely going to be an adroid which is a switch from Apple. Can name everything for them except that little number at the bottom when it boots up as saved as a picture on the phone itself

I can’t see the support function on the website. Where abouts is it?

If you don’t have your account ID it might be worth trying to sweet talk Hunting to keep you in there for now so support can find your account. Means a 0 war though :confused:

When your phone decided to check the new Atlntis heroes… :frowning:


@Mendokusai18 gotcha.
Tag me if you got news for me.

@everyone else: sorry to bother you :wink:

If you were on iPhone, and logged into the Game Center, your account should be attached to your Apple ID. If anything, support should be able to find you via that.

Thanks everyone. I’m sorry for all the bother @ Riff . The first thing i said was ‘■■■■, my war hits, they’re going to kill me!’

Tag tag tag tag

Ok. Update. I have a new phone but as i’ve changed device they keep sending my verification to my other iphone at the bottom of Halong Bay. They are changing things over now but could take up to 24 hours. Once that is done i should be able to log into the game as normal. I apologise for all of this. Am i still in hunting?


Jeebus, we aren’t monsters @Mendokusai18 :heart:

Get back on Line or Discord for better communication :). See you back at home base!

Ps still have 19.5 hours on war clock, you just might be able to sneak back in and it will be like none of this ever happened. Lol.

I hope so. Just waiting on apple now. Can’t get apps until my Apple ID is sorted (I swear i’m moving to android when i get a chance as there’s none of this silly 2 step key log in system).
Thanks for all the patience

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Android is much better than iPhone, mendo :wink:

Still nothing from apple.

Ok apple have just informed me it will take 14 days to switch over my account. Can anyone give me a step by step guide on how to change my account to my new Apple ID?

@Mendokusai18 I will remove you from hunting for now to prevent a disadvantage next war. Shot me or @BatChickCrazy a pm on line or discord when you got your phone back.

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