Can someone explain why some things stack and others don't?

I have 2 heroes when used together their mana regeneration abilities stack. Why don’t defense abilities stack? Is it because the defense combined would go over a hundred? If combined defense stack, does it have to be under a hundred combined. Are there any heroes used together that stack defense?

Its hard to say why some things stack and some things dont stack. Thats a SGG game design decision.

What you can look at is the Buff/Debuff graphical icon. (By applying the specials, then click and hold on monster/hero/titan)

If the buffs/debuffs have the same icon, they usually dont stack. If they are different. They usually stack.

Going into a mist of exactly what stacks with what gets pretty extensive quickly. I would suggest checking Copperskys Compendium or some similar resource.

Maybe thats the next @Pois1 project?

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Thank you the 2 heroes in question are Alberich and Khagan. I think the icons are the same. One gives 24% and the other 8%. Are you talking about the gray diamond shaped thing?

Yeah, those icons. If you click and hold on one of those heros you will get a more detailed description of the buffs.

I’m check it out when I get more world energy but Khagans catd says 24% regenerarion and Alberichs card says a moderate amount of mana over 4 turns. Maybe they are different?? Looking at it again 1 gray diamond has 2 green arrows on it and the other only has 1.

That is because Alberich generates mana for your heroes every turn and Khagan increases the amount of mana generated from tiles etc. It is two separate things.

Ok thank you for shedding some light on that and it certainly makes sense because when using Alberich even if i don’t match a heroes tile color and its almost full it will light up and I can use the special attack on my next turn.

Probably some things don’t stack for not unbalance the game.

That was a time when Brienne special stacks with every other attack special, so people do a Boldtusk-Wu Kong-Brienne buff and gain a huge amount of power for a limited time.

Now even if Brienne icon is different, it is considered as same category of Kiril and Boldtusk and don’t stack anymore due to not “unbalance” the game.

Same story for Athena and other defence debuffers.

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