Can someone explain what critical means

The next HOTM gives 30% more chance on a critical. I think that i’m not the only one that’s only guessing what that means :slight_smile:

Has it something to do with special firing earlier than expected?

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Critical is double normalized tile damage. So an additional 30% chance at double normalized tile damage for your entire team. If you pair a critical troop with an increased critical hero like Ares or Gregorian you can cause some massive tile damage.


Every tile that hits has a chance to be a critical hit. This is a significantly increased chunk of damage.

If you look closely when tiles hit enemies, you will see occasional tiles that do approximately double damage. Those are critical hits.

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Except critical hits are not really double damage.

They are kind of double normalized damage. Critical hits disregard strong/weak colors and instead add 100% normal damage on top of your damage.

100 normal hit, 200 critical hit
50 weak hit, 150 critical hit ( 50 +100% of 100, normalized hit)
200 strong hit, 300 critical hit ( 200 +100% of 100, normalized hit)


I updated my post to reflect this more clearly and use your words :slight_smile:

To put this boost in context:

Against normal color, each tile has an expected value of 70%*100% + 30%*200% = 130%
Against weak color, 70%*50% + 30%*150% = 80%
Against strong color, 70%*200% + 30%*300% = 230%

So, on average, Greg adds 30 percentage points to each tile’s damage, for all gems.

Suppose you can drop 20 tiles while Greg’s special is up. If each would have done 50 HP, they will do (on average) 65 HP, or about 1,300 HP collectively instead of 1,000 HP.

BTW, special hits cannot crit. A pity, that.

One of the best things about Greg’s special is that it layers atop all other specials (except Ares, the only other hero with crit boost). Try running a titan team against green of, say, Falcon, Boldtusk, Gormek, Gregorion and Wu Kong. Muchly damage.


Are you sure? I thought his card said 30% critical chance and that it functioned like Ares, it either critical hits or it doesn’t.

yes, it’s like Ares, so there’s a 70% chance you get a normal hit and a 30% chance you get a critical hit. Put differently, there’s 100% chance you get normalized damage and a 30% chance you also get the extra critical damage.

Greg is not like Wu: there is no chance to miss.


Maybe I am just misreading your original post, because I agree with what you said most recently, but using Ares I don’t think there is an underlying per tile increase given by critical. Are you and @Warthelan saying the same thing in very different ways? Because I perceive from using Ares that his/her example is reflective of the damage done and that there is no tile increase damage UNLESS you get a critical hit. So it’s either a normal tile hit OR a critical tile hit (with double normalized damage), no inherent boost to all tile damage.

I think I am getting hung up here: ‘So Greg adds 30 percentage points to each tile’s damage, for all gems.’

I could just be dumb at the moment because it is Friday and it’s been a long week.

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I’m bit confused about critical hits and defense team in raids. How damage works if my defense team heroes have critical troops? Or in Gregorians case, 30% chance for critical hit…

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@sleeperZ96BT - I think you two are in agreement.

Take @Kerridoc’s statement" ‘So Greg adds 30 percentage points to each tile’s damage, for all gems.’" and add an “on average” to the end for more clarity. 70% of the time it will do nothing and 30% of the time it will give a 100% boost.


This one isn’t actually covered - but there’s lots of other jargon explained in the Fictionary!


Same as in attack, their normal attacks (in defense it’s the slash attack, not tiles) have a 30% to cause a critical hit. (that has been explained above).

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I thought so too, was getting hung up on words, thanks.

I’ve edited my earlier post to make clearer that I’m talking about averages, not absolutes.

Great - thanks. I’ve been known to be too literal sometimes.

Some further information from staff has illuminated how this mechanic works with stacked colors.

Each tile that drops is assigned to a particular hero of that color. If you are running a rainbow team, the assignment is 1 to 1. If you are stacking heroes of a given color, the assignment is random. You can see which tile is assigned to which hero by the graphic display of the troop.

The tile as it hits has a critical hit chance based upon the troop underneath the linked hero and any specials on that hero. For example, if you are running Ares tank and Marjana wing, and Ares’ special is running, red tiles linked to Ares have a 36% crit chance, while those linked to Marjana have 0% (unless she’s paired with a crit troop). This mechanic effectively reduces the crit chance in a stack with mixed crit and mana troops.


Never payed attention… In raids, can defending heroes deliver critical hits?

Yes. The “slash” attack that runs on the countdown timer can result in a crit.

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Melia also adds crit hit to all

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