Can someone explain to me why these 3 are considered the same for war matching?

Just looking at the stats and how far Evelyn is behind at this point, it doesn’t make any sense. As soon as she gets 2 more levels she counts more towards my war score than a max Hansel? This is seriously flawed.

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Would seem to me that champions are allocated stats and special skill rating which all contribute to the overall power. Eve has an absurd amount of abilities wrapped up in her skill. Damage to 3 enemies + green debuff + enemy dispel + element link heal? That’s a boatload of things. So what if she has like 10% less stats?

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Just to add to this, a few updates ago there was a change to hero power. It used to be pretty bad. SG did not nerf the heroes at all, but modified the way score was calculated to avoid misrepresentations. What @PHATDIAMOND said above is spot on.

Its all about hp. Your war def points are calculated based on the hp of all heroes…

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He’s talking about the war score and war matching, not how many points a given team is worth.

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Why is Evelyn 46 points higher?? You can’t argue specials matter because heroes like Thorne and Guinevere have close to identical power levels because of stat totals… not specials.

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Thorne and Guin are both 5* and I assume they consider the specials to be on par with each other (we know they’re not, but thorne is a legacy 5*).

In this case you’re comparing a 4* and a 5*. The specials aren’t going to be the same class.

I suggested these numbers be changed again to more accurately value each hero as it pertains to war. It was suggested these numbers will probably not be changed for full 4 or 5* such as your Thorne vs Evelyn example because they would admit some heroes are much stronger than others. I wish they would consider this and perhaps adjust the 4-70 hero power again. Maybe have 5* HP scale up slowly to 4-70 maxing at around 550?? Idk then final ascension it starts shoot up. Guin and Thorne should be prob 50 HP apart but idk the effect it might have on wars

My understanding is that in war, health is the only thing that matters wrt the value of a hero. I don’t understand the problem? The hero power as stated on the card isn’t the same as the number of points you get from beating that hero in war. Based on your example where Eve and Caed had the same health they would be worth the same number of points.

No, I meant your roster value, not defense points. They add up your top 30 heros by hero power with extra weight on the top from each color.

I still don’t see the problem I already went over how Eve has a significantly stronger Super than any other 4* green hero. 3\70 Eve is still stronger than 4\70 caedmon or hansel. I started using Eve to offensively raid in 2500+ Diamond when she was still 2\40, because that’s how strong her super is, and she still had 900 health. At 3\70 Eve paired with any 1-3 other green heroes will absolutely smash and it only takes 3 green combos to do it anywhere on the board.

I meant the TP value on the hero card not war point value. Then perhaps her TP value should be higher. And that number is everything when it comes to matching. Ex. Your 3-70 evelyn TP is prob the same as a 3-70 Horghall.

War score contribution is the same as hero power.

To the OP, although Evelyn’s stats are lower, her special is a notch above. In this case, I think they really are pretty close.

There are other cases where this is clearly not true. 3/70 Thorne is not about the same as a 4/70 Grimm.


"War score contribution is the same as hero power. " @Kerridoc I have been curious how Hero Power is calculated into war score, and perhaps you answered it. Are you saying the Hero Power number shifts directly over to war score? With top 5 heroes receiving a multiplier? I assumed there was more math behind the calculations

As far as we know, there is a direct mapping from hero power to war score, which is why to address the war matchingnthey changed the hero power calculations.

A players contribution to was score also has some unknown factor based on top 5 troops.

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