Can someone explain to me please cause am fuming

Same scenario happened to me, but I was global 2, and the win would have taken me to #1. Better believe I did some fist pumping, I just included some verbiage to Him as to why I had been forsaken in the process.

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Hahaha twice in 2 days to me. But happy to be in the 3k club. It’s like some one is waiting for me to get high then raid me haha

Cheating me out of something, not cheated me. I just meant the person is waiting for me to hit glory then raids me just b4 I get it

I dont mean the game is cheating. Didnt mean it like that. Think I used 6 flags and 2 flasks. Massive adrenaline kick. Will go again another day

You’ll get it. Congratulations on doing so well!!!

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I purposely wait people to get almost there for revenge my raids.

Yes, you can hate me :face_with_monocle:


You just need to wait for 30-50 feral hogs to show up

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It’s actually a genius move to get great trophies. The amount of times I have raided some one for 45 trophies. Lost and then raided again but only won 20

Yes yes, i do it for the cups!

Not to watch you struggle trying to reach the top!
Not at all! :peace_symbol:

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Or you can can pay 500 gems and change your nickname to PLEASE DONT ATTACK ME NOW
while going for #1.

I’ve seen it once and it worked.

It doesn’t make for a nice screenshot though :thinking:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: sounds like a fool proof plan

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I don’t have the same specific issues to exclaim in the same manner that you have chosen to but I can say that I agree with one aspect about your summary. ‘All this game seems to do is go against you in every way possible!’. I am fuming and have often considered ridding myself of this headache by removing the game permanently. I have taken a couple months off too. People are starting to notice how the programmers have targeted us for blatantly displayed and careless treatment by not following their own rules, adjusting the damage done from attacks to far less when it is me attacking them and increasing the opponents damage to much greater when ever they have decided to and that is only the tip of the iceberg! These guys have ruthlessly discarded all ethical means of conduct. I am truly disgusted at times when I play this game seeking to find solace in the would-be entertainment only to end up in frustration and dismay! Get it together guys and start treating your devoted players with some respect and consideration instead of making your girlfriends teams beat everyone just to try to keep them interested in playing with you!

I truly don’t understand what this person just really complained about…

Should this be a case of #rct830? :woman_shrugging:

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Or here:

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@MrsBCW @FabulaSumus how are you guys doing? Great to see your posts.

Who is @Dr_Subaxin? Do everyone including yourself a favor and remove the game.

As Jack said in a few good men, you can’t handle the truth!!!


Hey stranger!

I’m good thank you, at Abusement Park now :heart_eyes:


@MrsBCW how many raid victims on your list now? Hope we face you guys in war soon, with Crystal Eagles here!


14,253 now :grimacing:

No doubt we will matchup soon, be a good war!


Likely to be the best and most effective means for acquisition of both resolution and retribution. But my investment of time and the exhaustive level of stress and duress that this game has caused me has created somewhat of a proverbial chip on my shoulder- So I would like to do a bit more in the way of reciprocating the kind of effects that playing this game has surmised for myself.

I apologize for my extended period of time to respond and I do bid you appreciation.

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