Can someone explain to me please cause am fuming

Just been ranked 7 global with a trophies score of 2928. I won my next raid for 37 points which would have gave me 2965 trophies and new pb and second global with 2 raid flags left. But when the raid finnished I had been defeated and lost 50 trophies. I have not closed my screen and had done nothing but raid. Absolutely fuming and disappointed. All this game seems to do is go against you in every way possible. Developers this is just not on at all and will you please explain to me why this has happened. Just not fair at all


You’re fair game for attacks in top 100 even if you are online :wink:


This cant be true. During my raids inwas defeated the guy was in top 100 but her must have come back online during my raid. I tried to rematch and it came up he was online now and did i want to re-roll

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It is true. He may have dropped out of the top 100 due to being raided and losing as he was beating you.


I’ve been #1 a few times, it takes some luck.
Also had a few times where I got attacked while making a run, usually revenge rsids.

It’s not so easy to get #1.


Game just ripping you off as per usual. Wasting gems buy raid flasks when you cant climb cause you are getting attacked. Had enough of how much this game goes against you at every aspect of it. Well glad I now know. Wont be wasting gems on raid flasks ever again


I know you are upset because you didn’t make it but trust me, if or when you do get there, it will be that much sweeter. Just like those times you pull a 5*, it’s pretty special.

Listen to yourself being silly,. There’s ALWAYS someone ranked #1 so suck it up buttercup.


Yeah youre right. Am over it. Save me gems in future. Waste of time that was

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Top 100 can be revenged even if they are online.


How long do you think you’d be #1 for anyway? It’s not like there’s a reward for it or you win the game. There are better things to spend the gems on than that.


Cheers mate. It was in fact a revenge raid.


Long enough for me to screen shot it and run around fist pumping the air :’)


Yeah there is that :smile:


Congratulations on #7 @Xtremeste! Regardless of how long it lasted, it’s still quite an achievement.

As for the quoted statement, yup, that is fact. Before the possibly flaming starts, yes it is my choice to play as well as spend cash. I will continue to do both regardless of how SG/Zynga does next to nothing to help it’s users.


I wouldnt have been bothered had I not won my raid. But I was already in the screaming with excitement out my window to have it all shattered hahaha. What a game ey. In love with it one minute. Want to smash my phone the next hahaha


One might suggest that the current structure allows more people a shot at getting to number one than any alternative, in which case SG has done a lot for us. I enjoyed getting there and likely could never have done so if the top 100 just had to stay online to hold their position.


Hahahahahahaha just happened again. Went for it for another time, got to 3011 trophies. Next raid was for 19 points puyting me rank 1 global. I won that raid but got raided while raiding and lost 54 trophies. This game does nothing but rip me off. Chuffed with my new pb but should of had a better one and been global rank 1. As always the game cheating me out of everything

So…how exactly is someone choosing to do a revenge raid on you at that moment the game cheating you out of something?

Humans decide when to do revenge raids. It’s not like it’s the result of a matching algorithm or something.

If you want to do a #1 run, wait until you have a decent number of high-value revenges in your watchtower. Those people can’t revenge you back, so it will cut down on the risk of absorbing a revenge raid when you’re close.

Also, if you’re having to flask a lot to get there, you’re going to create a LOT of opportunities for people to revenge you. The fewer wins it takes you to get to #1, the fewer revenge possibilities there are.


Games not cheating you homie lol. If your going to shoot for number 1 you have to go as quick as you possibly can to avoid that. Top ten you win 8-14 cups but if you lose you drop 50. When I did it, it took 6 wins when I was at rank 2 to finally hit no.1 … was very intense. You’ll try again … your not kidding anyone


I know its not cheating me hahahaha. Was super fun. But gutted as rank one is only 2998 trophies right now

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