Can someone Explain this

Okay…I was playing the Titan last night when all of a sudden my phone went dead… just shut off on me for lack of a charge. Well, instead of putting my phone on charge I fell asleep. I awoke hours later this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep and so I decided to plug up my phone and play a bit…when I get to the game it did as usual and loaded up like always. Only problem was it showed that I’d hit the titan five minutes ago. I was in disbelief . It had been hours since my phone went dead yet the Titan log said ther was only five minutes since I last hit the titan. Is there a glitch somewhere? And shouldn’t I have atleast gained 1 more titan energy… ? It was around 9- 10 pm ct when my phone went dead. I put it on charge for a bit… couldn’t sleep, turned on Empires and Puzzles around 3am ct and only 5 minutes passed since I last hit the Titan…What ! Can someone please check my progress. Is my time going by correctly?

Id say to change your Google Play password.

That’s weird. What about other app on your mobile? Just to check the scope of the time failure and to be sure the malfuncioning is only related to the game.


May I suggest contacting Empires & Puzzles Support Team, so they can assist you, with your problem?

Also, There is a Possibility, that they (E&P) Sensed your Glitch, and will fix it at a later time and date; if they do not fix it sometime today.

Good Luck, and hope your problem gets resolved, soon. :smile.

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I have this with BlueStacks on my Laptop when it goes to sleep. Might be something preventing the game from synchronizing the time. When I start it new, it works again as if nothing happened.
Maybe something similar happens with your phone, but how to fix it? Reboot? Support?

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The info about your titan hit returned to the server after you recharged your phone.


Sound like the best explanation.

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