Can someone explain this one - cups system

his level and power are way higher than mine, and if i lose to him, i’ll pay more points to him otherwise, i only get 12 points for defeating him…

can someone make sense why is this reasonable?

The only thing that impacts the amount of win/lose trophies is the current trophies. You have 2316, he has 2060.

Team power, level etc don’t matter. The bigger the difference in current trophies in your favor the less points you are going to earn and the more points you will lose if you lose.


thanks, now that level and power is out of the way… do you ignore them on your defeated list? what do you typically do to maintain standing…

i was thinking, just ignore them and look for raids that has higher trophy rewards…

I’m not sure if I can help much, on the level where I play what mostly matters is the heroes in the enemy team and I don’t even look at the team power or current trophies, the higher you are the less important they are… What often gets my attention is also the amount of ham I can swipe. :wink:


I do revenges under 20 cups only if I’ll get more than 30K of ham.


I only raid if potential reward in cups is higher than loss. Unless I completely sure that I can win (even with empty board).
Also bear in mind how raid arena (and hero chest rewards) are tiered: 0-600 is bronze, 600-1200 is silver and so on. And there is absolutely no reason to have say 2200 cups, reward is the same as for 1900 but competition is tougher. Unless you can occasionally push for 2400 and higher reward.

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thanks suicide bunny. i get it now… you seem very knowledgeable about how this thing works. im just playing this like tetris but the more i get into the game losing most especially during raids i get a little frustrated.

if you can indulge one more question, when i play the raids, am i competing with a player or the system?

i was under the impression that the systems AI will try the most algorithm that would let you fail but if its a player you know when his dumb or smart in playing with the tiles.

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thanks osmin. thats a great input. i figured when you are raided, you dont waste your time if youll lose more trophy than gain (only if you think that you dont have a chance winning)

i’ll keep this in mind. thanks!

You are playing against a computer program using their heroes.

Their team gets a 20% attack/defence boost to compensate for the program being less intelligent than the average player (possibly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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You are playing against AI, but the player had to set the defense… There are multiple ways how positioning or selection of heroes done by player may help AI to play the defense a bit better.

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i didnt even think about the ham… now that your saying it, it makes sense now…

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That’s not too bad of a discrepancy in TP. Raids are supposedly to be in the +/- 300 trophies range. Which gives us situations like this:

Think about why you’re raiding. There are many reasons to raid, and each come with different expectations.

Are you raiding to fill up the chest? Find the easiest opponents you can.

Are you raiding to get more trophies? Find the easiest opponent for the most number of trophies possible.

Are you raiding for resources? Find an opponent who has a lot of them for you to win, then judge whether they are beatable.

Are you raiding just for fun? Don’t worry, just hit them as they come! :grin:

Just a few considerations.


so theres no real pvp even in wars then… thats a bummer…

Exactly this - agree with everything.

I could add that if by any chance you can enter the higher arena (so over 2400 trophies) by finishing your last raid needed to complete the chest, try for that. This way you will benefit from higher arena rewards in the raid chest (don’t get your hopes too high though, the difference is barely noticable)

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wow! these ideas sort out things i didnt even think of… i honestly started just playing this like candy crush whenever im on the bus or train… but now that im on lockdown, this is depressing, now i care too much of how it works…hahaja

i was also trying to counter the AI but i have a very limited heroes to counter specials… wu kong is my best pet. i heavily rely on him for more powerful opponents… but its always a bummer that the AI wont give me yellow tiles… hahah

Countering specials very much depends on your RNG luck in obtaining the ‘right’ characters.

Is that the team you use in raids? You may want to consider colour stacking for more tile damage (often used to take out the tank).

The three healers do have slightly different secondary functions, but the lack of attacking specials could be an issue depending on the teams you face.

This all depends on your roster/bench, of course.

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yeah i do color stacking when im online. i color stack to get rid of the tank. but when im offline, i usually put all the healers on the board and leave the rest for wu kongs 185% chance damage so i thought it compensates my defense team.

If that’s your raid defence team, then going rainbow makes sense then.
Would certainly see if you could replace one of the healers with an attacker.

One other aspect of raiding is there’s a balance between your ability to gain trophies, and how well your defence team can keep them.

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