Can someone explain this for me?

Same enemies, same hits, different rounds with different score. How is it that the score are different let hit? If the enemy has 1201 life and I got the same one with the same hero, how does the score differ? Shouldn’t it be the same score all the time?

There’s a random factor to damage as well.


How so? If the hero says 450 damage, how can that change ever hit? Now I would understand if it said 445-450 damage, but if it is a number that doesn’t change, I just don’t get it

Joons damage says 468%.

The formula that calculates the damage done to a certain enemy includes this number as well as attack stat of the attacker, defense stat of the defender, and a random number.


I was just throwing a number of there for an example, but alright. Still doesn’t make sense, but I’ll take your word

Thanks for the info. :ok_hand::ok_hand:

You beat me! I was about to post the same link :laughing:


Appreciate all the info. Y’all are quick as he’ll when I need something clarified. Thanks!

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