Can Someone Explain Advanced Farms vs Regular Farms, please?

Hi, sorry I did search but everything for “advanced farms” is showing farming techniques for stuff like AR, etc.

I have my first Advanced Farm and it says it’s “more efficient”. The only differences I see are the fact it can store more, produce more, and for some reason despite them producing hourly (Advanced AND Regular), the Advanced Farm is always ready to collect 10 minutes or so before my regular ones. I don’t understand why/how that is? I mean, if they are all based on hourly, why are they not all ready at the same time? I always collect them at the same time, so it’s not like I am collecting Advanced then waiting for those 10 mins and collecting the others.

I hope I am not sounding stupid. And, is that the only thing that makes this more efficient? The fact it seems to be ready to collect a bit faster…

That’s exactly the advantage of advanced farms. They can store more and produce faster. That’s basically it.

And afaik you cannot collect your food on an hourly basis but it’s a percentage based on overall storage capacity. Even tho the collection icon does not show, you can still click on the farm, then click on the ham icon to collect your food. :slight_smile:


Basically it is just a farm…
Devs could either make it farm level 21 to 30…
Yet, to be a little more fantasy, they just are called ADVANCED Farm level 1 to 10… >…<


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