Can SG remove inactive players after 30 days of not playing?

Can SG delete player profiles of players who have been inactive for 30 days or more? And if so please put all heroes and materials back into the game for active players to collect.

why would they people spend money to get those heroes and resources why should others get them after they stop playing, it makes no sense at all


30 days is very harsh. What about service personnel on tour, sailors, people in hospital, moving house and waiting for WiFi and probably dozens of other legitimate reasons for taking a break!


30 days is an example. I’m not speaking about players who have a legitimate reason for not playing I’m talking about folks who have quit the game all together.

This would be a train-wreck in the making.

Inactive accounts should be hidden, but asking them to be deleted just opens the door for developer shenanigans.

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I agree it’s too short a time period. I did notice though when I was researching alliances that it was frustrating to be wasting time looking at some who had members inactive for over 150 days. At some point a player is no longer playing! I fault the leaders in that case, but I also ran into “dead” alliances.

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As @princess1 said, I agree there are legitimate frustrations. I think having accounts and alliances go dormant and unsearchable/unjoinable after a period is reasonable, with warnings posted to the owners.

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Players who are inactive for too long are taken out of circulation in a few ways by the occasional forced update to the game; that is a fairly effective “inactive” mark.

If they don’t update the game and login, updating their profile, they stay with the old version, and are out of circulation for raids, at least.

I don’t know if they drop out of the player ranking list or not when this happens.

It would be nice if zombie alliances with only inactive members dropped out of the alliance search list / standings list too, but last time I was looking, I stumbled onto some with only a leader who had been inactive 100~200+ days…

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I once thought players vanished at six months (180 days), though I now can’t remember where I read that, so it’s suspect. :confused:

I thought I’d seen “inactive for 231 days…” somewhere, but I really haven’t paid much attention to it, there could well be a 180 day cutoff.

Thanks for the response guys. I have seen player profiles in raids that are over 200 days inactive.

Yeah, it’s been ages since I looked into it. If you’ve seen it recently, I’ll go by what you’ve seen. :wink:


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