Can not understand Titans and alliances

I am so lost about alliances and Titans that I wish someone can send me in the path of understand it. I am sorry if here is not the place but I could not find it anywhere else…

Alliance is a group of people. Like a clan. And in this group you fight mighty dragons aka titans. Thats it

But you only can fight Titans if you belong to an alliance?


20 chars needed so on

Can you explain how do I get into an alliance?

In game go to the alliance recruitment chat there will be a lot of recruiters there to assist you with this
It can be daunting in there but always remember if you choose an alliance and it’s not right for you you are free to leave and try another


Hi Paul,

Guardians of Terra has some space. We are always looking for dedicated players. Our team has new people up to Diamond level players, and we are keen to teach and learn.


Go to the alliance tab and search Guardians of Terra.

But as Bane said, you can go to the recruitment chat, or recruitment area of the forum and shop around :blush:

Just remember you have to be level 4 first before you can join an alliance.

Thank you mates. I will look for you On the alliances, but I am affraid I am still too much of a newbie and don’t have good heroes and they are not maximized. But I’ ll look and ask to join.

I think you have to be level 4 maybe? We have other fairly new people, and a mix of experience.

But when you’re ready, or look around for another good alliance :blush:

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You do have to be level 4 before you can join an alliance

I also vote for guardians of terra, as I am one of the co-leaders

You need to be in an alliance to fight titans and participate in wars. Both of which give rewards for winning (and to some extent even for a loss)

But in addition to that, you have access to help from other players who have been through the early stages and can give you help and encouragement on your journey :slight_smile:

The social element can also add to the enjoyment of the game if you want it, though it’s not enforced. We have a Line group chat as do many other alliances, where we share game plans along with other random stuff !

Pjwalfa, before joining an alliance, do some research. The search function in this forum (the magnifying glass thingy at the top) has lots of info…some is even useful.

Search keyword alliance. Learn a bit, then shop. Hit the join button and scroll through alliance’s chat. Lets you know what sort of folks are in it, and you can see war/titan participation.

Everybody wants a new member. You don’t know it yet, but you are popular. Take your time, and do not be afraid to leave.



Just so you know, there are some alliances that are Invite Only (like mine, Technicolor Minds). Means you basically send a join application in the form of a message (that you can be as creative as you could be or use the default “I’d like to join your alliance” that has already been pre-filled) and the players with leadership roles will be notified of this new application and make a decision. Although this is just a game, first impression is everything. The only thing the alliance leaders has to go on is your defense roster what you put in in the join request, so make it count.

For these alliances where you cannot pop in for a closer look, you can still do research on the members, if you find ones where the leaders, co-leaders, etc. haven’t been active for a while, these are the ones I’d stay away. Good thing there is nothing barring a player from leaving an alliance.

You don’t “have” to join an alliance once you hit level 4, I’ve known players who has never joined an alliance until they are in their level 20 somethings. Once you reach level 4 and have built your first Watchtower, you will notice that you start having a new status, that is the trophies. These are a very slight glimpse of what represent you in the E&P world. You now have the ability to Raid other players for Food/Iron and your base can be raided for these resources. You gain trophies for winning raids, lose them for losing. Similarly, you gain trophies if your defense team wins against a raid from another player, lose trophies if they lost (The defense battle is something you do not see).

Why did I bring the Raid aspect into the conversation? It is because some alliances, in addition to making their alliances invite only or open, also can impose trophy counts. These alliances are likely ones that want slightly more experienced players to join and set a benchmark to be met, and the only way trophies can be gained is by winning raids.

@bud says it very well. New players, especially who are eager to learn and contribute are very popular, especially when it seems like this game is starting to lose some steam in gaining new players (worse, even losing some existing ones) because of delays from the developers from putting forth notable new contents.

Best of luck in finding an alliance that suits you.


Thanks, it was very helpful

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