Can not participate in alliance war

I have a member that’s participated in every war. For some reason we do not know an answer that wasn’t in the war. I know this person personally. they do the same thing they always do they never opted out there was supposed to be in the war. I just figured maybe with matchmaking they just left her out. But when the war popped up this time she was on the battlefield. And then I check her chest, for somebody that uses all their flags in every war, it’s sad to see they get stuck with 83% loot. Just because for some odd reason they didn’t get put on the battlefield when they were supposed to be. Can anybody explain this

If they didn’t use a flag for two consecutive wars, they would have gotten automatically opted out.

That is not the case in this scenario they always use all six flags it’s got to be a bug issue. I figured they would get 100% maybe the other team had more people than we did a we had more than the other one did. Obviously that’s not the case for the matchmaking. It’s got to be a bug issue. There is no way she should have been taken out of that last war and it’s not fair for her to get 83% loot now. And if you’re wondering am I sure or not. It’s my daughter, so I’m positive

That was the only legit reason I could think of, so it sounds like either an accidental press on the UI, or a bug (I know someone who has done a “butt 10-pull”, so I know it can happen). Either way, that definitely does suck.

Have her submit a support ticket, and let them know which war she was involuntarily opted out of. I doubt they can do anything about a chest that’s already been processed, but at least they can look for bugs.

In case you need info on how to submit a support ticket, here’s how:

That took me a minute to figure out! I’m a tablet owner, no cell phone … when I finally got it … :joy::rofl:

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Ha! Don’t sit on the tablet!

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Thanks… I will try that

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