Can not keep leveling the new 5*, eventhough not max special


I Can not keep leveling the new 5*, Khagan, eventhough he is not max special skill yet 7/8. Correct if I’m wrong but they have already fixed this bug once.

I reached level 70 as I can not do the last ascesion.


A bit unrelated but how do you like khagan? Is he worth getting?


Did you feed same color.? , if you feed different color before reaching 8/8 then thats what has happened


@Tokito lets just say - he is not OP

@Goldenfox how has colour anything to do with it? Colour only changes the percentage you get. Problem is that the game doesnt let me ‘put any more training material into’ my hero, eventhough there is room for one more special level. Disabling level up button means there are no more levels to get.


You can only keep leveling when it is completely maxed, not when it is stuck before ascension. There is another topic which asks for the ability to keep leveling the special at that point. I agree it should be possible, because it is very unlucky already to not have a 5* 8/8 before final ascension, so why make it even more unlucky and have it stuck like that?
But, it is not a bug, that was when 3*s were completely maxed and you couldn’t keep leveling their special


@Konijntje thanks for the replay. Kinda dumb, but ohwell. This game has bigger problems - like no blitz possibilty. It is a Mobile game afterall? :smiley:


Konijntje :+1:

And here is one of the other threads that he is referring to where this issue/enhancement is being discussed :grinning: