Can max only one: Vivica or Wu Kong?

Wu gets so much love on these boards.

Vivica is a literal lifesaver, and I’m intrigued to know how good she’d be at 4/80 max special. But that slow mana can be frustrating.

Should I go with Wu, with the idea being he will help me get more ascension items that let me later max Viv?

Vivica will help you more in raid defense team, if she can push you into higher raid loot tier then you could go for her.

Wu Kong will definitely help your Titan scores and ultimately probably land you more loot.

I’d probably go for Wu first and with any luck you’ll have the orbs for Viv in no time

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I have the mats to max both, but I personally chose to prioritize maxing Wu Kong before I continue on Vivica.

My priority is Titans, since that’s ultimately where the best shot at good loot is. Knowing I’ll end up using Wu on every titan, it makes him a high priority.

I also have plenty of healers, though, and you may not. I already have Rigard, Melendor, Sabina, and Boldtusk all maxed. Vivica will ultimately be hugely helpful for raiding and PVE, but another healer isn’t itself as urgent of a priority for me.

So presuming your situation is similar to mine, I’d suggest Wu first. But you may have different considerations that your initial post didn’t include that might lean my opinion the other direction.


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