Can Magni-C Tank? Defense help

Anchor’s has Magni-C as a 4 for tank. I’m currently running Elk who they give a 3. I know he’s not ideal. My current def line up is

Joon +7 Dom +3 Elk +16 Anzogh +7 Magni-CB +3

I’m currently power leveling Magni’s costume and Sartana with the plan of going.

Joon +7 Magni-C +3 Elk +16 Anzogh +7 Sartana +5

I would imagine until he’s more heavily emblemed that would still be a preferable line up to having Magni at tank.

My only other prospect at tank is Kadilen who is also only at +3. I can move some emblems off of 3* but I’m loath to do so as I like to keep 3 of each color at +18-20 for tournaments and challenge events.

I’m also leveling Marj so I could put her instead of Anzogh so I’m not having to split my Wizard emblems between Anzogh and Sartana.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m usually able to fill in platinum and open in diamond, but if I take a day off or get some bad boards it doesn’t always happen. Just looking for something that we keep me holding in 2300s.


Anzogh and Elk have better synergy with healing than Magni, so I would suggest you stay that way.

C- grade for C.Magni seems pretty harsh to me though…

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All heroes can be placed as tank. The only problem is, are they effective and efficient to such position? Do they have tanky stats and high health? Do they have skills that can effectively delay the enemies in killing off your heroes? If so, such hero can be made as a good tank. If not, you should think of better ways which position best serve the hero.

As to the question of whether costumed Magni can tank, yes he can. Is he a prized tank? The answer is in the negative. He is best serving as the hero flanking to the left of the tank.

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C-Magni could work w/ emblems, but IMHO Anzogh works better at tank. His stats are pretty tanky and if you have a support hero to boost attack then he’s pretty useful. My Magni at +10 has huge health but lower defense than Anzogh (I went attack path on non costume version, since I mostly use him w/o costume and have a costume dupe w/o emblems that i use with him)

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Magni-C can be good at the tank position but only if the remaining heroes have a good synergy with him. I have him in my defense team as the tank, he is flanked by Gravemaker and Mitsuko with Hel and Delilah as wings (shown on the image below). This has kept me around 2500+ cups all the time.

In your case I doubt that Magni-C as a tank would keep you above 2400, maybe Anzogh with high emblems is a better choice for a tank.


He is my prized tank

This…Druid keeps me hovering around 2700. A speed bonus on a sturdy def down, who is fast to begin with, what is that? One man’s trash?

Anyway…I get a wave of defensive victories that push me into upper diamond. Off line…
Followed by another wave of defensive losses. Peppered with a few victories. Also off line.
It’s fairly consistent pattern in my raid log. Larges blocks of victories followed by a large block of defeat and victory both. That’s the teetering in upper diamond. Which keeps my WT full. And revenge plentiful.

I think that’s a pattern for a
successful defense.

I prepped Magni for defense in anticipation of Krampus, months ago.
Lucky me, I got Krampus!
But… I’m in no hurry to install him :yum:

Besides… I don’t care for cookie cutters

@viktor_mk is spot on.
If you don’t have GM.
Don’t install a blue tank!



I logged on too soon…

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Well, in the world of tanks with over 900 defense stat, costumed Magni, even if emblemed, does subpar to these tanks. Since we don’t see how our defense fares when it is attacked, it would be safe to assume that your Magni is accompanied by better heroes working on defense. And I bet you don’t have that favorable raid report every single day in that same account. Again, RNG at its finest. I have sometimes did some very few raid revenge against a weaker player and RNG frowned upon me, resulting to a loss on revenge. But, kudos to you able to synergize your costumed Magni well as tank with your other heroes. I would love to face your defense and see my mettle.

hes very tanky and fast and you need a good board to get through him when coupled with the right team. this one works for me, stable at 2.6k, many times defending up to over 2.8k which is then treshold for incoming revenge massacre…

few mins ago:


Kingston says hi :crazy_face:

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