Can I recruit players from the team I am in prior to leaving

Vets… I’m just leveling up my team to deep 5* strength after a while. I’m in a “Just have fun” alliance which is frustrating. There are about 12 of us that have fully participated and carried the rest of the team. It is apparent that we (the participators) are frustrated and carry the others. I know we feel the same and have tried to encourage the others to participate but to no avail. The alliance leader is just as bad. Part timers you know. Now I’ve developed a bond with this players because we work so hard and would like them on a new team. With more of us we could really dominate (at certain levels). Itsnit possible and/or allowed or create a new team without losing each other? Just transfer the core to a new team and recruit others that share the same play ethic, or is that prohibited?

You can do whatever you want. Of course it’s a good idea if you’re getting frustrated. Why not form a new alliance or merge with an existing alliance with people you like?

I left 2 alliances before I found a home. Why stay in a frustrating situation that won’t improve? This is a game and they’re supposed to be fun.

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It’s not prohibited but you have to tread carefully. Put yourself in the leader’s position and ask how you’d feel if someone tried to breakup your alliance, or poach your players.

You could start by putting out hints that you kind of wish the members were more active, and even though you really like everyone there you wonder if you’d be better off finding a more active alliance, or even starting one yourself.

See what kind of feedback you get and then go from there.

We actually have a small community here and you certainly don’t want to burn any bridges!


I’m pretty sure there are no rules against “poaching” or “head-hunting” however it does come across as unethical?


There are no rules about poaching people from an alliance, but communication throughout the whole process IMHO needs to be transparent. I’ve always wondered why people belong to an alliance if they don’t contribute any titan hits or don’t use war flags. Unfortunately I’ve encountered this in numerous alliances and have just left.

I know in a previous alliance, we reached a point in a casual competitive alliance, where some got tired of the grind, and dropped off hitting titans and others started carrying more of the load. Needless to say, the alliance as it was, is no more.

If you have an outside app like Line or Discord, you can keep in contact with alliance mates outside of the game. GL in your decision making.

Edit 1 - sorry @princess1, not sure why I replied to your comment :woman_facepalming:.

Edit 2 - FWIW starting a new alliance can be hard as you start at 1* titans. It took us 19 days to get our first 10* but that’s by finishing titans quickly, so some players inevitably missed out on filling their titan chests.


I’ve always said I’d rather have 20 like-minded, committed, active players rather than just filling all the vacant spots with players who need to be dragged and pushed into playing the game.


I wondered too but it’s all good :grin:

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I’d make sure your teammates are on the same page as you before you ask them to leave with you. They might be comfortable in their current situation. If you’re teammates share your same mindset then you’re good to go because you all have the right to play along others that have the same play ethic.


I wasnt in the exact situation but somewhat similar

Basically i just left and those that wanted to follow, followed

Best decision I’ve made to date game wise

We all already had Line though so it was easy for them to contact me and ask where i went/what my plan is

Worked out for me/us, i believe it would be a good decision for you and them as well

If you say something in chat right before leaving, players still in the alliance you’re leaving can click your avatar and see where you went and choose to follow on their own

probly say somethin in your departing message such as I’m leaving and starting my own alliance, can see the alliance name by clicking my avatar after i leave. Not looking to split this alliance or poach but i do believe I’m not the only one unhappy here so if some choose to follow, that’s fine by me blah blah blah


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