Can I recover game on new phone?

I got a new phone and seem to have lost all my progress! I did Google play games app and it didn’t save my progress. All my hard work is gone… Unless someone knows how to recover it?? Well I now have to start over if there is no way to recover my profile. It was n8Vz18_Aiel and I was the leader at level 35 platinum with a desert fighter and desert staff pin. The background was desert. There was 11 players. I just made Henry co-leader of ×TARG3T><T|TANz× just in case my account was lost…DRATS!!!
My E&P account was

I did that by entering my e-mail address in Google Play. That worked for me. If you have several e-mail addresses on Google, you have to enter the right one :wink:

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Sorry to hear you’re having trouble recovering your account. :slightly_frowning_face:

Unfortunately, no one on the Forum can help with this directly, as no one on the Forum deals with account issues, including the staff.

If you haven’t already, see if these instructions help:

If that doesn’t work for you, there are instructions on that page for what information Support needs to help recover your account.

And here are instructions on how to contact Support directly:


Thanks zephyr1, I just completed a support request with a screen capture included with all the alliance members on it aand myself- whew, fingers crossed now. I don’t know what the response time is. I need to get back to my alliance. I believe they will get me there. Your information solved a lot. Much appreciated- always have a good one<>

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Jura, the wheels are in motion now to help recover my account and progress with E&P. Thank you for the feedback. That did help recover another account I needed to port over to my new phone…Have a good one<>


I forgot my g mail email linked to Tram-bo he’s in a stale alience Go Go Go i tried to figure the email out and ended up creating a New account it’s something like jimbotrammy@gmail???

I now have my account recovered! Empire’s & Puzzles will now get a 5 star rating… Yes, it was a 3 day episode for myself, wondering if I would make it back to my alliance I created (×TAGR3T><T|TANz×) as the leader I prepared for a possible glitch or misunderstanding of how to switch my account to a new phone- I advanced a player as co-leader and let our ‘scout snip3r’ know as much as I could (if progress transfer didn’t work I would figure out how to get back, that was a big one).
Found a list of things: open alliance isn’t open if there is a trophy requirement (when I got back I put no trophy requirement); Google play must be on when you play so it can save your progress (I never did that with my original account); at E&P Request Support Form page input a clear summary of what happened (it will clear up what drop down list selections to make); link up your Facebook account (it’s added security, worth the trade off); impatient I started a new account, started a new game all over, got back to my alliance, then deleted it as soon as got my original account back, READ AND UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTIONS WITH GAME PLAY AAND ACCOUNT TRANSFERS AND SUPPORT SERVICES NOW NOT LATER don’t know ASK PEER SUPPORT (Chat Room).
zephyr1 and Jura, your advice and support were invaluable and gave me great hope to give support a chance to work there magic! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK :grin::grin::grin:YOU may you alwayz in all ways <>hAVA gOOD oNE<>

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Woohoo, I’m so happy to hear you finally got back into your account!

Sorry to hear it ended up being such an ordeal, but those are useful tips for anyone else who runs into similar issues — and some good tips to help avoid these issues to begin with by having the account linked to Google and Facebook.

Thanks for coming back to give an update! :slight_smile:

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