Can I opt out of elemental chests?


They take 150 specific monsters to kill, a normal chest only takes 100 of any. I hate getting the elemental ones.


No. I hope you could send your Elemental Chests in my direction :stuck_out_tongue:


I was under the impression that elemental cheats tend to give much better loot (or have a better chance of giving good loot, at least).


Why would you want to opt out? The loot is easily 4 or 5x better than regular chests. There are plenty of map levels that give all one color monsters to farm and fill it efficiently. Check out Mai’s Guide to Efficient Farming


Hi @LucasDaoc

Why would you want to pass up getting ascension materials and higher level loot that can come in the elemental chests? Even if you have maxed out heroes there’s always that new hero around the corner that will need ascension materials. If you don’t want them, send them my way :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, and rare quests are hard and require so much flags.

Who wants Mount Umber when you have 8-7? :face_with_monocle:


Elemental chests have better loot? Where? They just have farmable loot in them… chainmail shirts and tall boots… people want those?


More gems for certain, more loot than normal chests and 3 token…
Even the worst elemental chest is better than the average monster chest.


Typical rare chest has 2 crafting materials of 3* or 4*, 2 ascension materials of 3* or 4*, 3 tokens, a flask, a trainer hero, loot tickets and as many as 50 gems. If you don’t want yours, I’ll take them.


This was my elemental chest (green I think) loot last time.



Hehe :wink:


That must be super rare… are rare ascension items like drawing a 5 star?

My nature one was chainmail shirt and tall boots.
My holy one was 2 chainmail shirts.

You must be super lucky. I did get the same number of silver coins in each though so maybe that’s good.


I have not gotten a single flask in an elemental chest in the past 3 months(6 chests).


Lucas, I think you’ve just been really unlucky. I’ve been playing well over a year and get one of those chests probably every 10-14 days on average. I think 2 or 3 ever I have had zero non farmable AMs. Last 3 have yielded 2 each. My GF has been a little less lucky but still frequently gets the same sort of AMs. On average they are the best source of loot in the game. Just be patient, I suspect your next chest will be more to your liking :slight_smile:



I can’t think of any sucky elemental chests that I have ever gotten. I’m like a little kid jumping up and down in a candy store or the toy aisle when I see a color a chest pop up! Sorry that yours haven’t been that great. Hopefully your next one will be better.


My last normal chest gave me : 1200 food. . 30000 inon and 1 gem.
No items. . Elemental chest is Like rare quest : ascension items


Make sure to "fill"the elemental chests from the highest zones for that color. This has proven to increase the results of the rolls, which gives you better loot.


I have to admit I’ve had just one unfarmable mat in my last 5 (yes that’s really five, not a typo) elemental chests. That other people might be equally unlucky doesn’t surprise me sadly.


Where did you find this ? In anyway the map place where you kill the monsters are correlated with the itens you receive in elemental chests…

The items you receive it’s random…


The items are both random and predetermined when the elemental chest spawns. People in the beta who had an elemental chest when their account was mirrored have done the chest in different levels on both beta and their main account, and gotten the same loot regardless of what they killed to get it.