Can I level up in time to go full Voldemort on a Unicorn?


Maths boffins required.

Here’s the situation:

A rare unicorn desperately needs beheading so that I can resurrect the lord of dark wizards… and maybe get a telescope.

I need 49k xp to level up and throw in another three hits.

I have 21 hours - can it be done???!

What level gives the best flags:xp ratio?

I have one World Energy flask and am starting with only 4 flags.

Best XP per flag is either 23-9 or 23-11. What’s your total world energy when full?

Last stage
Xp -> 2837
Flags -> 7

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You just have xp quest, it gives you almost 20k xp


23-9 gives 2817 xp per round. 18 rounds required to get 49k xp.

126 points of world energy required.

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So you would need to finish 23-11 a total of 18 times to level up. I don’t think you’ll have enough energy without buying a couple refills.

Yep, I hit that straight away :grinning:

Good point. That’s a great start, but it costs 28 world energy to do all 3 levels

There’s not better ratio flag / xp than the quest. What to do after is the point, but this is by far the best choice

126 ÷ 6 = 21 hours…it might just be doable

Am I right?

Yep, think so on the 126/6 = 21.

Hope you have a titan flask or two as well :slight_smile: If your alliance mates have as many hoarded up as mine do, that unicorn aint’ gonna make it 21 hours!

We’re still only borderline on 5* and have just come off a narrow win a few hours ago, so it’s going to be tough

Good luck, and keep us posted.

Thanks everyone

Challenge accepted!

Good luck on yours!!!

We were more fortunate; our alliance is quite solid on killing 8* titans, until our flags drop too low, and we got an 8* unicorn after killing the last with ~4 hours to go, so we didn’t start out in too bad a shape.

More important, we have flasks hoarded, it is our first rare, and we’re all excited, so most of our bigger hitters have used one by now and a couple people leveled too. We are still over 11 hours, and it only has 21% of its HP left.


I used my last world flask and I’m currently on 31742 with 18 hours remaining :grimacing:

You should be able to do it. 18 hours x 6 world energy per hour is 108 energy, which will do 15 runs through 23-11. Plus you will regenerate 4 titan flags in that time

I need 123123 xp to level. I like the synergy of the number, but not the impossibility of levelling in time for the shiny horse.

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Save your alliance flasks for the rares.

My alliance hired two high powered mercs, who ghosted in, double tapped the unicorn, paid their respects, and vanished into the night…

So it’s all moot now anyway…but I’m primed for the next one :smiley:

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