Can I help with your titan?

If you have a titan that’s ready to spawn, and you’d like some help with it, I can stop by. I’m not interested in permantly joining another alliance but I’d like to occassionaly fight an 8 - 10 star titan between my own wars.

I’d want to be on your alliance before the titan spawns and I’d be leaving right after it’s killed.

I want to be honest about my intentions before joining!


Sorry but what do you mean with “My own wars”?

Quite curious thanks

I have my own tiny alliance (me and my alt) and at the moment I want to keep fighting in my own little wars.

The 2 star titans don’t require that both of my profiles be there :grin:


We have a 9* spawning in 1h52m if you want to join! Swarovski, it’s a fun group:

I’ll try and get there! My own war goes on for another 25 minutes yet. With small alliances like mine, the matchmaking takes effect several hours after the large alliances.

Interesting, I didn’t know that. Look forward to seein ya, thanks for the help!

we could always use an assist. next titan will be in about 5 hours. our alliance is called The Deserted. you’re welcome to hop on anytime.

I’ll make a note of it. Thanks!

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@princess1 send me a message on discord @ProtonPack#3415 and i will let you know when we have a titan to help on.

From Northern Vikings who you faced in war a few weeks back

I tried to contact you but I’m hopeless with all things electronic. Can you contact me

princess #2902

You can also drop an ad here

You’ll have to contact me. It keeps saying we don’t share a server.

@princess1 we’d love to have you stop by and hit with us! If you have Line, my ID is kiann87. Hit me up and I can let you know when we have one about to spawn. Our cups are set pretty high, but I can drop them for you as needed.

FYI - We’re hitting 9-11* titans. We also have a new baby alliance that just got their first 7* Titan :astonished: We’re definitely not killing that one. Lol

Thanks! I actually have enough trouble figuring out Discord without adding Line :joy:

i sent you a friend request on discord. I’ll send you our discord link so you have a means of communicating with us too

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I’m just curious @princess1, worth it? Because you gave up to a better loot from warchest. 100% participation gives a nice amount of emblems. I don’t think you get much only with 20%, right?

I’m trying to figure out how the timing works on the whole thing. My home alliance is only me and myself so there isn’t a lot to lose.

My titans are 2 stars so the loot is pretty scarce already.

I’ll know better after this latest mercing if it’s worth it or not. I’ve been told that the trade-off in losing a bit of loot is the fun in meeting players in other alliances.

Well, I also have my own alliance, but I realised 2 accounts are not enough. In the beginning of this year I brought my gf, but I kicked her few months after. Now I have a good friend as my co-leader. Now I can beat 3* and 4*’ titans. 2* titans don’t drop items, but 3-4 drop often rare AM. Anyway, I wouldn’t ever leave the alliance during 5 wars (I don’t lose at war), because I lose the percentage for participation, therefore a very good loot at warchest. But I understand your situation, being only 2 accounts.

You did what now? :open_mouth:

I hope it was only because she wasn’t playing. I could never kick my girlfriend out, ever. Even when she only scores 8k on a titan hit, I tell her “good job!”… while secretly hoping my hits are good enough to compensate. :laughing:

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That’s a little sweet, I hope she doesn’t read the forum lol. :heart_eyes:

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