Can I get some suggestions?

Trying to decide a couple of things. First off can you help with the best way to set up my defense team?

Secondly I wish I had done things differently when I started but am currently trying to Max out my 3* heroes. See anything on should do different?

Many thanks!!!

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Hello and welcome,…

Very good decision to max out *3 heroes.
My suggestion,…
Purple: leveling Balthazar after that Tyrum after that 2nd Balthazar again, and as soon as possible replace Prisca. Prisca is not good. (until you have 30 worthy heroes and other Paladin heroes, than give Prisca as a feeder to other hero).
Yellow: Bane, Kailani
Blue: Valen (maxed), Gato
Green: Berden (maxed), Friar Tuck until you have Belith.
Red: Hawkmoon

For *4 heroes, you have good heroes and nice progress. Except Agwe,… I don’t like the defense against Nature (green), but Agwe is blue… thats make me confuse to use.


I’d suggest Agwe as tank.
You’d bring a green stack against him and if he casts, your stack will be nearly calmed down for tile dmg…


Thanks for the advice.
Next question, I just picked up Gunnar. Should I level him up before Gato ?

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I would stick with Gato for now. He has a high attack stat and is fast. You have Kalani in yellow who also does spirit link. 3 stars don’t take long so you will be able to get to Gunner soon.

Helpful hint: Brienne + Gunner/Kalani is an awesome combination of especially with early titans. I used that combo until I got a Wu. The spirit link causes all hits to be shared, thus counting as damage to increase Brienne’s attack buff.

  • I never leveled Kalani so may also want to wait for another opinion first Gunner/Gato and Kalani. I know Gunner and Gato will both be useful for quite a while and you will want to do both eventually.

Gato first in blue. Kailani first in yellow

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This is a very odd roster. Good idea coming here for advice. Your unquestioned priorities should be to finish Bane and Balthazar. As @jinbatsu said, Prisca is abysmal, so you need a new 3-star purple ASAP. Also agree that you should work on Tyrum thereafter, as you have no better purple options.

@Olmor is right about your tank. Agwe is weird, but he’s the best tank you have. Gunnar, with his high defense and spirit link might be a replacement, but Agwe has more HP, and that wave could be problematic for the raiders you are probably facing right now. Plus, Gato is a solid option in blue, so going with Agwe let’s you prioritize Gato.

Past that, it gets dicey. Friar Tuck is your best option in green, but that isn’t saying much. Isshtak is meh. Hawkmoon is one of only a few healer options at the three-star level, and she heals all vs. Tuck’s nearby. You really need Belith. She is better than Tuck because of heal all and better than Hawkmoon because her heal also dispels. Leveling both Tuck and Hawkmoon isn’t really ideal, but they are your best three-star options in their respective colors. Maybe, though, you think about doing Gormek in red. You’ve already invested some in him, his special is very good, and his ridiculous HP makes him a nice tank. How many hidden blades do you have, and can you pick up another in Mount Umber next week? If you have four, or you can get your fourth in Mount Umber, I might just think about doing Gormek.

Similar thoughts in yellow. Once you finish Bane, you only have Kailani, and Gunnar now makes her redundant. Gunnar’s defense is great; Kailani’s is… not. You have Gretel, who isn’t Hansel, but isn’t bad. Most four-star yellows are pretty ho-hum , so Gretel stands out a little more. I might work on her - again, depending on orbs. I’m guessing you don’t have many, since you maxed Chao, so this one is a little less clear-cut. Kailani won’t take as many resources or as much time to max. Tough call.


I agree that Prisca is not one of the best purples but @Page does have her maxed and will need her for the emblem quest in the Paladin class. Until they get better they should keep her. You never know when the RNG is going to give you what you need so you have to work with what you have

yes correct, I have also said on that post: until you have 30 worthy heroes and other Paladin heroes.


Thank you all for the help so far. Slowly getting better. Have 3 camps making feeders continuously now. Still trying to get one TC up to lvl 20

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Nice update progress so far…

Blue: Finish Gato, Boril, 2nd Valen, Gunnar
Green: Finish skill Friar Tuck to 8/8, Mnesseus
Red: Finish Gormek, Finish Hawkmoon, Namahage, Azar
Yellow: Gretel, 2nd Bane, Gan Ju (just choose which prefer your playstyle)
Purple: Finish skill Balthazar to 8/8, Sabina, Tyrum, 2nd Balthazar

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I only have 1 set of fine gloves for Ascension. Do I use them on Gretel, Malendor or save them for Marjana…

I’d go Melendor. Looks like you are already heavily invested in Chao as your yellow, and he’s a mana controller, just like Gretel, so bringing her up doesn’t really add much (although she’s a better mana controller). Your green options behind Melendor are very thin, though. I know you already have Sabina, but you can never have too many healers/dispellers. I ran those two together for a LONG time, until I maxed Rigard. They both still take part in absolutely every alliance war I’m in. Melendor also has excellent tile damage for your green stack. If you had the 6 rings to take Marjana to her final ascension, you might give her a look, but given that you don’t even have one maxed four-star rainbow team, it’s probably too early to be thinking about working on legendaries.


Agree with @Noble_Weasel, +1 for Melendor 1st.

Two month later, and Hakwmoon not yet finished, and also not starting Namahage.
If you did not leveling Marjana instead, you have two maxed *3. And have strong stacking for event, quest, raid, etc…
Focus on *4 while also work on base *3. After have some 2-3 *4 rainbow color, then start leveling *5.


@Noble_Weasel I agree Melendor is the best choice

@jinbatsu is also correct you have to follow the steps in the game if you want to be successful. You need 3-4 3* rainbow teams before moving on to 3 4* rainbow teams.

5* characters are great to have but are a pain when you can’t ascend them.

Having a variety 3* & 4* characters makes the events more enjoyable & easier.


This right here. Of the 7 legendaries on my roster, only 1 is maxed, 1 is at 3^70, 2 are at 2^60, 1 is at 1^30-something, and 2 are at 1^1 (1 is a duplicate). Collecting the mats takes forever, and it’s so much faster to max 3 and 4 stars. I sat Domitia for a while after I drew Rigard and Gill-Ra, I brought Leonidas to 2^60 for class trials then switched off to max Li Xiu, and Thorne just got put on the back burner for Kiril. Maxing a legendary is a straight-up undertaking, and you can get way more use way faster out of good rares and epics, especially with emblems. The legendaries aren’t going anywhere.


Thanks for the advice all, I definitely got side tracked for a bit when I got my first 5*. Think back on track now. Will put up another screenshot in a few to show progress. Thank you all again!

Main focus is Melendor and Boril for blue and green. Should have Hawkmoom finished soon then on to Namahage for red. Should I go to Gan Ju next on yellow or ascend Gretel and work on her?
That leaves purple…stick w Tyrum or…?


That’s looking way better. Congratulations.

Defensible picks, but I’d also go back and finish up Gunnar and Mnesseus at some point soon. Both have great uses as three stars. And don’t drop Ulmer completely off the radar, either, although he can wait a bit longer. He’s slow and fragile, but he packs a wallop, and is good in rush attack, three-star tournaments particularly.

Great choices! Also look out for Nashgar, who is worth some investment, I think.

Yellow is such an anomaly; the three-stars are pretty bad, except Bane and Melia (which is where I’d recommend that you go next). After that, I might even consider a second Bane over Gan Ju or Kailani (especially if you choose to max Gunnar soon, since he is a way better spirit linker than Kailani). Or, you could be forgiven for moving on to Gretel instead of another yellow three-star.

Yes, I’d definitely max Tyrum. I know a lot of folks like Chochin, especially in the current raid tournament, but I don’t have him and can’t really tell you much about him. Hopefully someone will volunteer some observations there.


Nice progress!
As @Noble_Weasel said, can’t go wrong. :+1:

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