Can I complete advanced?

Given my lineup above, can I complete advanced? I heavily depend on Wu Kong for his damage increase so the yellow reflection hurt a bit on the higher stages of intermediate. I have a lvl 16 forge so what battle items would you suggest? Would you suggest Scarlett or Natalya in my lineup?


You might need to use a few items but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.

I have a lvl 16 forge. What battle items would you suggest?

I beat advance with kiril (3/60), gormek (4/70), cyprian (3/60), kelile (3/60), LJ (4/40). I brought super mana pot,dragon attack,bombs,arrows and just cheese attack the bosses. kill owl first so he will not do crazy damage to your team. i kept topping up kiril with super mana pot to keep everyone alive and he is practically a dragon banner on legs?lol.

Not easy with your team.
Need really some huge items and take Wu kong the same with you.

Prepare your board before the boss (specials, health, gems) and good luck.

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I was going to start the same thread, so here’s my lineup. I don’t want to burn through 80 flags just to stall on the last couple of levels.

Grimm, Boldtusk, Caedmon (all Max)
Obakan 4/1, Tiburtus 4/56, Sabina 4/1

I too have a maxed WuKong, but yellow reflect has me scared to use him. Any item advice would be very appreciated. I really need that Blade/Orb/Cloak set and realize I could never place, so time isn’t an issue. Thanks!

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I’ve been using Wu fairly effectively through the first 5 levels of advanced and all of intermediate. You just need to be strategic when dealing with the yellow tiles. He survived lvl 5 of advanced that had all 3 yellow reflects on the board, including the boss. He’s the only reason why I’ve gotten as far as I have. I brought minor mana potions so I could top him off more often and it’s been working great.

You should be able to get through the first 8 or so levels with ease as long as you are charging up all of your specials before you enter a new stage and have topped your HP. You should need no more than arrows/axes or bombs/turtle banners. You have a ton of firepower already so you won’t actually need anything offensive.

For the last few stages, it would really help if you had some tornadoes/time stops. Use turtle or dragon banners(make sure you are consistently using it through the boss levels). Axes/bombs can also be used offensively and defensively. Wouldn’t hurt to also have mana potions(which can be replaced by tornadoes) or either revive/miracle scroll. It’s worth it to get the completion reward.

Overall, try your best to be topped off on hp, have as many specials you can going into each stage, make good use of gems when you have it.

Best of luck.

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Yes, you can absolutely beat it with that team and the right items.

Any item suggestions? This is the first time I have played Guardians and am totally in the dark.

I did beat it. I needed 1 replay but its worth it. Thanks for the encouragement.

Unlike Pirates, this one doesn’t have antidotes as an absolute necessity, which means that you have four slots open. On advanced with this event I generally take minor healing, minor mana, bombs and dragon attacks. If I want to blitz the bosses, I swap the mana potions for arrows. The same mix worked for me with Avalon. For Pirates I swap the mana potions for antidotes. Locke as an event boss is a lethal pain otherwise.
Other people swear by tornados and time stops, but I’ve stuck with what I can make myself so far. I’m not hitting the higher than basic loot tiers, but I can complete the advanced stage with decent 4* heroes and that item mix. Of course it’s a lot easier for me now with a couple of 5* into their final tier.

I like Wu Kong but worry about the slot he takes up in your team. In all honesty, I would seriously consider leveling Cyprian and putting her in Wu Kong’s spot, esp if you have another decent purple troop. The reason is that the double damage you will do against yellow will offset the damage buff/accuracy debuff of Wu Kong and the reflects won’t do anything to you. I’m running Quintus and Boomer, both of whom suck by anyone’s measure, but doing just fine because of the above.

If you can’t get Cyprian to at least 3rd tier in the next couple of days, then consider using anither red and pump him or her up during the weekend if you can.

Believe me, the difference in the nearly useless yellow and doubling up purple or red will be considerable and well worth your effort. Speaking from experience with Chao, who still lowers mana even on yellow opponents but at terrific cost.

Finished advanced with Boldtusk, Grimm, Melendor maxed and Perseus 2-60 + Quintus 3-62.
Items: minor and mid mana potions, bombs and dragon attacks.

It was really hard only on final stage bosses. But still complete it in first try.