Can I buy a hero?

Thank you,

I was wandering is it posible to purchas a hero outright? I have been
trying to get Abakan but no luck…

Currently you cannot purchase a specific hero (or troop) outright. Be aware which Summon tower categories do what:

  • Elemental Summon - Roll the dice on specific element color heroes

  • Epic Hero Summon - Roll for any of the 3*-5* Heroes

  • Epic Troop Summon - Roll for 3*-4* Troops

  • Daily Summon - Roll for 1*-3* Heroes

During the monthly events, there is also a special Event category that includes a temporary chance at Event heroes as well.


Being picky, Daily can also summon 1*-3* troops

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Moved; made a new Topic. Thanks Gryphon.

Hi I’m curious about where I stand in this game. It’s been tough for me since I was sick for a long while. I have been trying to level up my players. What frustrates me is the fact that I rarely get the heroes or the troops I pick. When I have paid for my own choices or with the summons tokens. I am positive if I had gotten the ones I chose my team would be better. I’ve battled wars Titans, yet I am unable to get my 4th Cape. Or the 3 other shield’s needed to ascend my 2 wizards. It’s been over a month since I got them as far as ascension.

Moved your post over to a more appropriate topic; didn’t realize it was quite this old…

As much as we’d all like to, one can’t “pick” a troop or hero to summon. It’s in the fine print:

Your situation is not unusual, though; the rare ascension mats like warm capes are a choke point in the game. I can only commend to keep grinding away, making sure you do as many of these as possible to maximize your chance of getting rare mats:

  • Mystic Visions
  • Wanted chests (Monsters, Heroes, Titans and especially the occasional Elemental chests)
  • Rare Quests (appear about every 10 days, guaranteed rare mats for completing levels)
  • Titans (more rare mats from doing better against harder titans)
  • Wars, especially war chests for gaining 25 points as an allilance

We all struggle getting enough rare mats!

To get better heroes, work your Stronghold up to 20, then get one or two Training Camps up to 20. The Legendary training level throws off a (random) 5* about 1 in 16 times, a 4* about 3 in 16 times. This is a great, no-cash way of building a bench.

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