Can I be too defensive

I forgot to mention that defenders normal attacks don’t have a color so it doesn’t matter that people will stack yellow against a purple defender from the defenders perspective, the defending hero doesn’t get a benefit from that.

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all depends on who the hero is and where you put them. Putting any double in tank is a bad idea, because tile death is a very common away for a tank to go. Also depends on the attacking team…I haven’t run into a blue tank yet that can hold up in any situation. But maybe that’s due to my hero roster.

That’s not a well thought out defense…? Albi isn’t meant to be in the tank spot, he’s best in the left corner so that when he revives allies, they come back next in the firing order and get a mana uptick before their turn. And if you were gonna use a green tank with a double flank you’d be better off using blue flanks to a green tank, Makes the red tiles weak on splash damage

it works well actually. Maybe you should try it before talking out. The person who uses it does so because they are lacking a strong blue, and has no problem staying mid-diamond and even into top 100 on regular basis.

Vito - you should almost certainly try to avoid two of the same element on your defensive team with a few exceptions:

If you have Guin, you can put two purple flanks. She gives purple defense, so your purples are even higher and if they come with yellow gems to try to take out your purple, there’s a good chance that you’ll have trouble because they are weak against Guin and she’s likely to use her special which decreases mana.

If you have 2 gravemakers, the very fast burn and DOT to all heroes is deadly.

Otherwise, I don’t think it’s a good idea. If you put up two green, I’m bringing 3 reds. And use this same tactic for all colors.

So if you don’t have the two options above, I would rainbow.

According to this, they do.

If this is true, I still don’t understand why it would be better for a defense team to stack two purples or yellows instead of two reds/greens/blues as someone mentioned…

The only problem for my stacked attacking team against a stacked defending team would be a special that deals extra damage to XXX (Athena, for instance, if you stack red against her; just used as an example that came to mind, since you wouldn’t stack red against her!).

Or maybe I am still missing something or didn’t really understand!

The reason a defending team would stack a color is to make the attackers stack less efficient. Let’s say you’re attacking an Aegir tank, and he’s flanked by 2 red heroes. Now the green stack you brought against Aegir does weak splash damage to Aegirs flanks, especially if Aegir gives +defense against nature. And the blue you would bring to try and counter the double red, your blue tiles against Aegir are quite weak.

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Yes, I totally understand that. But somebody mentioned that it’s better to have two purples or yellows in defense instead of two reds or blues or greens… They provided an explanation that (according to the info I quoted from your in my previous post) wasn’t accurate.

Yeah defending heroes attacks don’t have colors unless they cast a special which mentions a color ie; does extra damage against nature, or decreases defense against dark. A lot of top teams use a yellow tank with double purple in their lineup somewhere simply because Guin is the best tank and Delilah is really good as well, people will stack purple against this team and purple does weak damage to purple. So the 1 yellow 2 purple defense teams are quite common for that reason, but it’s just because the best tank happens to be yellow. When people use gravemaker tank they typically have double green in their lineup as well. Maybe I shouldn’t say typically, but it’s common to see a gravemaker tank with a Zeline flank and Alberich wing or something like that.

@Xero786 is currently using gravemaker tank flanked by Evelyn and Zeline with Alasi and misandra wings. 3 color defense, blue red green. Looks super sick.

I also want to be that sick but I don’t have so many heroes. :sweat_smile:

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All level 30 troops too, this is the stuff I’ve had dreams about lmao

Unless you rob a bank or strike lottery. Guess we won’t be seeing lv30 troops in our lineup any time soon. :joy::laughing:

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Just a thought but I was thinking of putting Delilah and Vivica on the ends of my defense party. They’re both fully leveled up and I thought they might add some good defense to my defense team

I’m not a big fan of two healers on a team, unless you have no heavy hitters and you just want to try to endure long enough to wear them down.

My .02

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Just a thought, I’m sick of when they don’t play the game being attacked a hundred times but what do you think about two of the same color on your attack team or is that bad

I know you’re just using that as an example, but that’s a pretty easy lineup to kill. I would just stack blues in that scenario and not even take a green hero, but I also have a very strong blue team. Guin flanked by two purples is a nut I can’t crack.

Maybe a better example is gravemaker flanked by Evelyn and Zeline :wink:

That is color stacking, and it can be helpful. When taking on much stronger teams it’s often needed. The more of the same color you stack, the more risk you take, but it also can pay off big time. Two of the same color that is strong against opponents tank can often be a good strategy.

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