Can I be too defensive

Are there any negative effects for having two of the same element on your defensive team. For example two holy heroes

Nope depending on who they are and how you position them.

I’d strongly advise not putting them next to each other, especially at the front.


Yellow and purple are the safest to do this with, as they are both strong against each other. With the other colors you can do it, you just have to give more thought about what the rest of the team looks like and where you put everyone in the lineup.

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Why? I mean, isn’t there a strong color, a weak color and 3 “neutral” colors for each color?

A yellow hero is extra damaged by a purple one, weakly damaged by another yellow, while red, blue and green heroes do normal damage to it.

A blue hero is extra damaged by a green one, weakly damaged by a red one, while blue, yellow and purple heroes do normal damage to it.

Is this assumption wrong or am I missing something?

The assumption holds, but you’re not going anywhere with it.

It’s not even clear to me what you’re questioning “why” …

Sorry, I was trying to answer General_Confusion, so my question was directed to what he explained. (edited it now to clarify it)

Okay. What you’re missing is that in the yellow and purple are themselves strong against the strong colour.

For example:

If the defender has five yellows, and the attacker brings five purples, the purples will do strong damage to the yellows, but the yellows will also do strong damage to the purples. It kinda evens out.


If the defender has five reds, and the attacker brings five blues, the blues will do strong damage to the reds, but the reds will do weak damage to the blues. There defender gets a raw deal both ways.

Thank you! I had never considered it! I guess that only applies for autoattack though, right?

Definitely. Your opponent can bring extra purple and get a damage boost on two of your heroes.

If by autoattack, you mean whenever the AI is controlling your people against a human enemy…then yes.

To give an example of a well thought out defense using two of same color that isn’t purple/yellow.

An Alby tank, flanked by two gravemakers. Typical attacker on auto pilot will stack red heroes against green tank (strong color against tank). But in doing so the splash from the tiles used to attack Alby will do weak damage against fast charging grave makes, while charging them at the same time. If they bring in a blue stack (strong against GM red), they will do weak tile damage to alby, while charging him for the heal.

There are lots of ways to do do two of same color red/blue/green) defenders incorrectly, it takes some thought and the right hero combo and placement to do it right.


You guess what only applies for autoattack? (And what is “autoattack”?)

The weak and strong damage applies to normal damage (which is tiles damage for the attacker and slash attack damage for the defender) in every context.

… hang on, minion attack is also normal damage … but does it have a colour (and hence, strong and weak colours)? I never thought to check … :slight_smile:

I disagree because if someone stacks like blue or something, it’ll do neutral damage against yellow or purple minimizing the effectiveness. You could attack a team that’s using yellow and two purples plus a green and a red, and just ignore the yellow and purple when you stack colors. Just bring 3/2 with blue and red targeting the red and green defenders. If you’re gonna stack colors on a defense team I think it’s much better with like a blue tank and double red with some green in there. That actually makes attacking a little trickier.

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I forgot to mention that defenders normal attacks don’t have a color so it doesn’t matter that people will stack yellow against a purple defender from the defenders perspective, the defending hero doesn’t get a benefit from that.

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all depends on who the hero is and where you put them. Putting any double in tank is a bad idea, because tile death is a very common away for a tank to go. Also depends on the attacking team…I haven’t run into a blue tank yet that can hold up in any situation. But maybe that’s due to my hero roster.

That’s not a well thought out defense…? Albi isn’t meant to be in the tank spot, he’s best in the left corner so that when he revives allies, they come back next in the firing order and get a mana uptick before their turn. And if you were gonna use a green tank with a double flank you’d be better off using blue flanks to a green tank, Makes the red tiles weak on splash damage

it works well actually. Maybe you should try it before talking out. The person who uses it does so because they are lacking a strong blue, and has no problem staying mid-diamond and even into top 100 on regular basis.

Vito - you should almost certainly try to avoid two of the same element on your defensive team with a few exceptions:

If you have Guin, you can put two purple flanks. She gives purple defense, so your purples are even higher and if they come with yellow gems to try to take out your purple, there’s a good chance that you’ll have trouble because they are weak against Guin and she’s likely to use her special which decreases mana.

If you have 2 gravemakers, the very fast burn and DOT to all heroes is deadly.

Otherwise, I don’t think it’s a good idea. If you put up two green, I’m bringing 3 reds. And use this same tactic for all colors.

So if you don’t have the two options above, I would rainbow.

According to this, they do.