Can I attack another player while they are online?

You cannot attack a player while they are online. However, if a player has attacked you before you came online, the results of the battle will be applied when the battle finishes.



As an additional note to this for clarification. There are also some other corner-cases where the results of an attack may be applied while you’re online but they are quite rare.


Ive had this many times. To prevent this what is the timer for dc from the game if inactive.

A member of our alliance had a case today where he attacked a player and won, while he was online farming, the opponent was able to revenge. I believe he sent a support ticket about it.

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I had this happen today. I was raiding people and when my raid was over I got a message that I was attacked, even though I had been online raiding for at least 30 minutes.

Was literally holding my phone and checking out what I needed to do and I was attacked. Had not ever had this happen before. So it can occur.

Per SG, what happens is another player was already attacking you before you logged in, and the attack finished after you were in the game a few minutes (making it look like you were attacked while online, when really you weren’t.)

Further, some folks leave the game up while they do something else (like the Line app) in another window. After so many minutes away from the game screen, the game logs you out, and you are open to being attacked again.

I haven’t heard of another scenario outside of these two, so I’ll take SG’s word on it: You can’t be attacked while online.


And sometimes you can be playing in areas of the game where you won’t be able to receive the ‘you’ve been attacked’ message. So sometimes it can really get delayed!

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I was looking right at it when it came up, but I do see what you are saying. Thank you for the explanation. I had read those before. Thought maybe this was different. lol No biggie. It’s all cool. :slight_smile:

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Yes this has happened to me many times. And sometimes the attack information comes with a delay.

You can’t attack online players, but there are special situations when it can happen that you get the info you got attacked when you have been online for a while

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It is possible that they began their attack when you were offline (or here on the Forums?) and did not finish until you returned to the game.

If someone who has attacked you is currently online, you cannot attack them.

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Возможно, они начали атаку, когда вы были в автономном режиме (или здесь, на форумах?) И не закончили, пока не вернетесь в игру.

Если кто-то, кто напал на вас, сейчас в сети, вы не можете нападать на них.

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