Can heroes be ranked objectively?

Anchors guide is just that, a guide. It’s up to you if you want to follow it or not. Everyone dumps on Musashi but I have used him from day one. He is a staple on my yellow team. I look at the guide to get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses but I also try them out myself as well.

That’s literally the exact opposite of how objectivity works dude. :roll_eyes:

I said based on experience with the hero, not based on any bias or feelings towards her… or do you think experience means something else?

Not following. But i assume what he meant his zim thoughts are based on the times he has used her in the teams he has used her in and the teams she has been in that he’s gone against.

Other players have different rosters and team compositions along with random boards so experiences could vary

“Objective statements based on my experience” seems like a much easier way to say all that

They’re literally subjective, by definition. Call them objective doesn’t make them so.

out of genuine curiosity. What would be an objective measure?

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The scientific method is a useful method but how are you suggesting they apply it to heros?

It’s been a sec lol jk

The idea is sound. The details could probably use some tweaking. But i think would leave no time for playing the actual game if beta testers were to test that way unless I’m just missing something here


Not sure what scientific method I am disregarding here. My analysis of Zeline wasnt opinion based at all

  1. She didnt trouble me on a defense in Beta or production. She has also not troubled me or people in my alliance in a war defense.
  2. Her impact on titans though good can be duplicated by other heroes/items that give me better titan scores.
  3. I find her amazingly refreshing when attacking. Fear of heroes that cause ailments is gone. I dont have to rely on a very squishy hero (Locke), a 4* healer (Rigard) or heroes that either dont do global cleanse or are just slow (Aeron/Vivica). Ergo I love her offensively.

I dont believe any of that is opinion based. But it is based on experience.


Zero, dude, all of those things you just listed are SUBJECTIVE, by definition.

How you feel if you were troubled on defense, or how “good” or “refreshing” she felt or if you love her offensively or whatever, is absolutely, textbook definition of subjective.

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This is interesting. But as someone who is volunteering as a Beta tester and is already in hot water with the wife on spending way too much time on the game, aint no way am i spending this kind of time on testing a hero.

And there are some faults in this too tbh. No one raids rainbow and there is no AI in raiding. Maps are horrible in gauging hero effectiveness (Guin would be absolutely horrible in this kind of testing). Also, most heroes are judged in their PvP performance, not map performance.

For titans, all I can say is that if you use the AI on a titan, Wu Kong would be the worst titan hero in existence.

I understand what you are saying here, but the devil is in the details, and there has been no solid case built that can judge a hero purely on its statistics and nothing else.


I mentioned records dude… me not losing against a defense with Zim is a number, not subjective (same with war performance). Me getting higher titan scores without Zim is a number, not subjective. Offensively, sure yeah thats subjective, i dont really have numbers showing my effectiveness with and without her.

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As Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men “I would rather you just said “thank you” and went on your way.”


its not just auto farming though. Its the data gathering going along with it. She sees me take my phone out every 2 mins, ill be looking for a new phone.

Im also not convinced that map farming will give you any objective measure to judge how a hero is on defense.


It’d be nice if you could tap on someone that beat you in your tower and see the team they used. Kind of how you can see the last team used by someone in the top score ranks in challege events.


I do like Titan Mafia’s work with their scraping and GPAs. Though that kind of analysis takes time. From their method, we really cannot see Zim’s effectiveness on defense for at least another month.

I can see the case of the map being used as compliment to their methods for defense. Ill setup some experiments now with heroes we know work good offensively (Hel, GM, Zeline) and see what the results show. What is your idea for a team and map level?


Put it up as a suggestion. Ill vote for it.

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Bumped an older thread and voted for it myself. :smiley:

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^^^ Most Beta testers get to play with the new build. As in play, a thing to enjoy. But this allows feedback & testing across a wide range of cutting edge & obsolete operating systems and hardware.

Quality Control testers get given a checklist and spend hours running every map stage looking for buggy code. But they get dental.

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I remeber when i was in college. I loved building hydrogen fuel cells and working on the rail guns. Heck i even liked fourier optics. You know what i hated??? I hated the 6 hours of documentation time for every 30 minutes of actual design time. I remember working to build the first cmos imager at micron ya know camera phones??. I loved working out the dark current issues. But all that documentation to prove there was no objectification???

Anyone see my point???

Zeros like at the level of a lead sram design engineer. Let him design his crap and not have to write a dissertation on it. This is a game. Its fun. Lets not worry about “objectification” and getting into a battle of grammar and definitions.

Zeros good, anchors good, i SUCK (so as not to have people after me to) take their guide. Read it. Abosorb it and do with it whatever you want. If their wrong their wrong. Im 41, i got no time for grammar lessons. Lets just all play??? @Xero786 when my wife added up my last two years purchases it was divorce talk. And this game isnt allowed at the dinner table either. I feel your pain