Can classed wu kong beat Tarlak?

It is an increase of 185% or 100%, so the correct formula would be:
3 tiles combined is (100% + 185%) x 2 = 570% for Wu and (100% + 100%) x 3 = 300% for Tarlak.

To answer the original question, you can add approx. 90 defence and 140hp to wu kong, plus his 30% chance to resist ailments from the skill tree. Gives him a moderate advantage over Tarlak on defence but with lower health that balances it out.
A +19 Wu would be comparable to a vanilla 4/80 Tarlak imo, but I guess most Tarlak owners are going to prioritise him over Wu/Joon/Drake

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You are indeed wrong. Wu Kong adds 185% attack, not 185% damage. The damage is calculated as described extensively in this thread:

Wu Kong’s buff will typically result in a damage boost of about 300% (depending on the defense of the target), if you hit.

It’s not just misses it’s loss of the mana gained during those misses. Think about it you can kill Kunchen he’s low on life 3 of your heroes fire specials and they all miss. It happened

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